5 Ways To Maximize Your Space In A Self Storage Unit

Getting the most out of a self storage space is something that requires a mixture of planning, organization, hard work and know-how. Lucky for you, we at least have the know-how part down, but the rest is up to you! The following 5 tips will help you to truly utilize the entire space of your self storage unit. Who knows, by using these tips you may even be able to opt for that small self storage unit that you were considering, and these tips could actually save you tons of money. We sure hope so!

Without further ado here are those five promised tips:

1. Small Items And Furniture In Stacking Bins

Stacking is one of the best ways to utilize the floor to ceiling space you have in a self storage unit. While most people know to box most things, sometimes they exclude odds and ends like lamps, small pieces of furniture and other items that could fit in large storage bins. Utilizing storage bins to save space is a great way to save money even if you do have to invest in the plastic bins from your local Target, Walmart or whatever. If you know that you’ll be moving items into a self storage unit sometimes soon, keep an eye out for sales on these bins. They are frequently on sale after major decorating holidays. As a bonus, after you move everything out of self storage, these bins can come in handy in lots of different ways.

2. Put Things Inside Of Furniture And Appliances 

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Anything you can stuff inside of another item is a great way to use space. Put bedding inside of washers and driers. Fill bookshelves up with books, boxes or other smaller items. Empty drawer space should be fully utilized as well. Basically anywhere that just has air filling it needs to have items inside of it if you want to get the most out of your self storage unit!

3. Organize And Cluster Long Handled Tools

Just throwing long handle tools into a self storage unit is a great way to waste a lot of space. Instead tie the handles together to create clusters of tools that will not topple over with time. Alternatively, you could use an empty trash can to store all  of your long handled tool inside of, and as a bonus, this method makes it a lot more efficient to move all the tool inside and out of storage.

4. Get Some Extra Hands (Strong Ones) For Stacking Heavy Items

A major space saver that requires heavy lifting that most people don’t know about is the fact that washers and driers can be stacked on top of one another. There are a myriad of other heavy objects that can be stacked, but you need someone strong around to do the heavy lifting.

5. Break Furniture Down  

Break down larger furniture as much as possible to maximize your space. It also makes the furniture infinitely easier to move out of your home into the self storage unit.

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