5 Things Your Storage Unit Needs to Have Before You Use It

Storage UnitWhether you’re trying to free up some space from your pad or you’re packing up and moving out, storage units are perfect for holding large quantities of belongings that can’t immediately be stored anywhere else. However, certain storage units are probably going to be better for your particular situation than others. Instead of blindly selecting one and hoping it will be adequate for your particular needs, make sure you use this checklist before signing any storage unit contracts.

Implementing Adequate Security

You will want to make sure that the storage unit is properly protected. Storage facilities are not immune to intruders, so you’ll probably want to rest easy knowing that your stuff is not in danger of being tampered with. Make sure there are locks and security cameras in your unit.


It’s often a good idea to choose a storage unit that’s relatively close to where you live. You can access your things easily, and if something comes up, you won’t have to travel a long distance to the unit.

The Size of the Unit

The size of the unit is also important. Will you be able to store all of your stuff into the allotted space? Group all of your items that need storing together in a room and take measurements. Don’t just guess that a storage unit’s size will suffice for your things. In some cases, it’s often too late when renters find out they’ve got an overly small or large storage unit on their hands.

Considering Temperature Control

Certain types of items will need heating and cooling to keep them in optimum shape whenever you store them. For example, expensive guitars can sustain damage over time if they are exposed to harsh temperatures. Consider speaking with a storage facility representative about an Atlanta heating and air company that heats and cools the unit before signing any papers.

Checking Reviews

Lastly, check online for reviews on the storage facility. If consumers are unhappy, they are extremely likely to get online and tell all. Search for unbiased websites that will give you the skinny on the storage facility in question. Avoid facilities that have received numerous bad reviews or complaints about security, bad business practices, etc.

Overall, you should make sure that the storage facility caters to your specific needs. You don’t want to find yourself bound to a contract that you’re not happy in. Additionally, make sure that you can afford the price quoted in the contract; otherwise, you risk losing your stuff to the company.

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