5 Things To Make Your New House A Home

Settling into a new home is a process that takes some time, hard work and patience. BUT with enough dedication, it’ll feel like a home before you know it. Here are some methods to really help you settle into your new place, so that it can start to feel more “normal” staying in this new location of yours.

1. Unpack

Obviously if you haven’t unpacked all of the way, it is difficult to settle in. Just the feel of packed boxes, stacked furniture, etc. gives visual clutter that is irritation that is before even considering not being able to find things. We understand though that life sometimes is just a tad bit too busy to get all the unpacking done right away. If it is not possible to unpack everything make sure to at least organize and stack boxes and furniture in an orderly fashion. Also, when you know the boxes are going to be sitting there for a while, it can be a good idea to temporarily cover them with a sheet or drop cloth, so you aren’t constantly starring at the daunting task that is ahead of you.

2. Add Decoration

Adding personalizing touches to a home is a great way to start to make it feel like your own. Browse Pintrest for some great ideas that match your budget and tastes. Even just something as adding a “Welcome Home” mat can make you feel as if you are beginning to mark your territory in the new space.

3. Explore The Neighborhood

If you are in a completely new neighborhood or area, it is easy to feel alienated from the world around you. Try to grab onto your adventurous side to go explore the world around you. Go shopping, meet neighbors, go on walks, find activities and anything else that’ll make you feel more immersed in the community.

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4. Throw A House Warming Party

There are two types of people: those who like to throw parties and those who hate it. If you fall in the first category then maybe you should consider hosting a party to get yourself back into host mode. If you still have a lot of work to do make it a pot luck where friends, neighbors, family, co-workers or whoever can help you out by bringing food. As a bonus, if you haven’t unpacked, decorated or any of that, you can ask for the input from an outside eye. Once you’ve had people you know and love explore your home it just has a way of making it feel more like a place where you belong, so even if you just invite a few guests, it could make all of the difference.

5. Take A Staycation

Moving is daunting- we thinking you deserve a vacation regardless. One sure thing that’ll make a house feel more like a home is spending some extra time in it. Between work, play and other obligations- some of us barely spend any time in the house. Make an exception for once! Take a few days off of work to just lounge around enjoying the luxuries of your new abode.

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