5 Things To Do With Old Cardboard Boxes

So your move is finally over. Congratulations! Somehow you managed to make it through all of the pains and stresses of moving, and now you can finally begin to settle into your new home. What are you supposed to do with all of these leftover cardboard boxes though? Beyond just taking them to the dumpster there are lots of useful ways to utilize the cardboard boxes, so we thought we’d give you a couple ideas as of what to do with them.

1. Recycle

Only 25 percent of paper and cardboard actually get recycled in the United States. As a result, approximately 41 percent of waste that is landfills actually is paper and cardboard products. When you recycle cardboard you are helping reducing the amount of waste in landfill to be dealt with by future generations. So even though the last thing you want to do is try to go an extra step after your move, remember that doing something as simple as recycling your cardboard boxes will make a huge difference in the world.

2. Donate

Millions of people ┬ámove every year! This means that lots and lots of people need moving boxes. Reach out to your community to see if there is anyone who may be in a need for moving boxes in the near future. Chances are that it won’t take too long for someone to grab up the lightly used (and free) moving boxes. Pro tip: Try posting about the free moving boxes on Craigsllist where people often look for these types of deals.

3. Store

Do you think you’ll be moving again anytime soon? Do you send out a lot of packages? Then do not get rid of the boxes! When you collapse cardboard boxes they are extremely easy to store if you have the space. Keep them around until the next time your, or maybe you’ll encounter someone else who will want the boxes in the near future.

4. Build a Fort

Have some kids? Let them have the boxes! You can even help them a fort, a playhouse, a castle or any number out of the things with the boxes. It certainly is a lot cheaper, if not as nice looking, as buying a huge plastic toy for them to play in. Plus, don’t you remember as a kid that one of the best things to play with ever were cardboard boxes?

5. Get Crafty

There are thousands of craft ideas on Pinterest that you can check out for inspiration for crafts you can make using cardboard boxes and other miscellaneous supplies.


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