5 Things No One Tells You About Moving

Moving is something that million people do every year, but that doesn’t mean that some secrets aren’t kept under wrap. Here are five secrets that we notice people don’t discuss or write about when thinking of moving- possibly because the topics are just too disheartening. Hopefully, this will be an educational experience for all of those you thinking of making the big move anytime soon.

1. It Takes Five Years To Get Over The Trauma 

The great thing about moving is that once you do it once, it’ll deter you from ever wanting to do it again, or at least anytime soon. All of the work, tears, stress and pain really takes a lot out of a person. This isn’t hard science, but it usually takes people around five years to suffer from enough amnesia to get the itch to move again. If you find yourself thinking moving isn’t so bad, try to recall a little more accurately how difficult the whole process was in reality.

2. The Grass Rarely Stays Greener 

Moving somewhere due to the fact you think it’ll offer everything and more when it comes to a place to live. Well, we don’t want to crush you dreams of finding the perfect place to live, but every city, town, village, etc. have their own individual problems. While life may improve for some time, eventually you’ll be whining and complaing about something. When you feel yourself getting jaded about where you live, try to remember all of the things that drew you to it. Re-ignite that passion, so that you don’t end up moving to the “perfect” that just happens to be somewhere else again.

3. Moving Companies Are ALWAYS Late 

Look, I’m sure there are some movers that are time, but, in my experience it seems that movers are always behind. The nature of the job just makes it difficult to predict exactly when they will arrive, especially at the second stop of the move. If your mover is runnng a little bit late, try  not to freak out. Remember they are just human too and yelling at them isn’t going to solve anything.

4. You Can Really Hurt Yourself 

There are tons of reported and unreported moving injuries every year. It turns out hauling around objects all day can really hurt your body. Be careful. Take the necessary safety precaution to move items safely- here is a link with more information on that. If you are worried about getting injured or couldn’t afford to get injured due to the nature of your job, we highly recommend considering getting professional movers to do it.

5. You’ll Want To Disown Your Family Members By The End

If you are moving with kids, significant others, brothers, sisters or, God forbid, your in-laws, be prepared to be filled with the desire to strange each and everyoen of these individuals. It is a natural part of the process. Moving is stressful, and moving with other people is even more stressful. As long as you don’t act out on your anger everything should be fine. In the meantime, try to communicate what is expected of all parties beforehand to perhaps prevent some of the conflicts that may come up during the moving process.

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