5 Steps for Getting Your Storage Facility Business Noticed

Storage FacilityThe average customer looking for a storage space may not realize the difference between your company and your competitors, so it’s up to you to point it out. In order to draw in new and returning business, it’s vital to keep your marketing techniques on trend and to stay timely and relevant in your efforts. To get noticed, you can’t simply make a few advertising efforts and then walk away. Here are five ways to get your storage facility noticed in your community.

Create Clear Signage

Drive-by traffic can bring in a lot of business. People who need storage space are more likely to use a facility in their neighborhood simply because of the convenience. In addition to focusing on your business name on signage, also place an emphasis on the fact that you offer self-storage. When people in your neighborhood have storage needs, they may not remember your company’s name, but they will recall driving by a facility that offers storage and may stop in to find out more.

Follow Up

Return business will help your storage business stay afloat, so remember to send out postcards or email reminders to previous customers at six-month intervals. This will keep your business name in their mind, which can lead to their return or even their referrals.

Create a Hotline

A hotline gives your customers somewhere to call for general information, such as tips for keeping their unit safe or how to best pack a storage unit. This number can be listed on your outgoing answering machine message and also advertised on your website. By providing useful and relevant information, your business will demonstrate its knowledge about your industry as well as concern for your customers.

Offer Giveaways

Everyone likes free stuff, and you can use promotional giveaways to your marketing advantage. By giving new customers an item like backpacks from HALO, you will be sending your customized logo out into the community. Each time your customer uses their free logoed backpack, your brand will be seen by a lot of people in the community. You can hold a contest for the backpack or give away a limited amount to customers who sign up in a certain time period. HALO branded solutions is your answer to getting the name of your storage facility out there.

Get Positive Reviews Online

Many consumers now turn to internet sites like Yelp to determine the quality of service that is offered by a company. Generate a good buzz on these sites, and you will be more likely to see an increase in new business. Offer discounts to people who check in on Yelp or Facebook, so that their followers will see that they use you for storage.

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