5 Safe Places to Store Your Possessions When You Travel

Any time that we find ourselves being out on the road, one of the main objectives that we have is to return home with all of the items that we initially left with. This would mean that we should take special precautions in how we care for our personal possessions.

If you’re about to embark upon a trip and you’d like a few tips on how you should store your belongings as you travel, we have five recommendations for you below:

On your person. While thinking about what you should carry in your purse, backpack or suit jacket pocket, when it comes to what needs to be at your immediate disposal, those items should include your identification, your credit/debit cards and also your prescription medications. The reason why is because just about anything else that you lose can be replaced, but if you don’t have those three things at your immediate disposal traveling could get a bit…challenging.

In your wallet. Although this might seem like an obvious tip (being that most people carry their wallets on them), it bears mentioning that it’s important to put your cash in your wallet instead of in one of your back pockets or in your cell phone case (money can easily fall out of those places). Many people lose money, especially when they are on the road, simply because they fail to follow this one simple tip.

In a safe. When it comes to things like a pair of diamond earrings or your expensive watch, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be wearing those items the entire trip. However, if you do happen to bring along something that is highly insured or would cost you several hundred dollars to replace, after checking into your hotel, inquire if they have a safe on the premises. Most of them do.

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In your child’s diaper bag. We’ve all heard of someone having their purse stolen, but how many times have you heard about someone having their child’s diaper bag taken from them? Whether it’s your electronic tablet or some inexpensive options that are of sentimental value to you, one place that a lot of thieves do not think to look is in a diaper bag. If your child is older, don’t hesitate to use their backpack either.

At a family member or friend’s house. Sometimes, we’ll go to see family or friends, but for the sake of space (or even privacy), we’ll still check into a hotel or resort. Here’s the thing, though: Even in four-star hotels, you have to implement a bit of an honor system because between the many guests and the staff, you are putting your possessions at risk of being stolen. If there is something that you really don’t want to take the chance of losing, ask the people you’re going to see if you can keep it in their house. There’s a far less chance of it being stolen (or even lost) there. Plus, if something does happen to it and their home is insured, you can have it filed in their claim and get your money back.

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