5 Reasons Why Americans are Moving Less

The Decline of Moving in the United States 

The numbers of Americans moving have plummeted over the past decade. According to the Census Bureau, in 1999 7.5 million Americans moved across state lines compared to 2014 when only 4.8 million Americans moved across state lines. We recommend taking advantage of this down-time to make that big move you’ve been dreaming of, because you may be one of the minority in America willing to start a new life somewhere else in the country.

1. The Recession 

The recession has touched a majority of American’s finances negatively in one way or another. The job crisis meant that people couldn’t move to get a new job, because there just simply weren’t that many jobs. The insecurity of the housing market also added in another dynamic that frightened many new buyers out of even trying to buy a home. We are finally recovering from the recession, but it will take a while before we can expect business as usual to continue- even in the moving industry.

2. People Not Wanting to Move 

The U.S. has always been a culture of mobility, but perhaps that culture is changing. If more of your friends and family stay put, the chances are you will do the same. This does leave a large gap of opportunity though for people who are willing to pick up their lives and move to a new area to fill a new job, because less and less people are willing to make these big lifestyle changes. Perhaps this trend could work in your favor?

3. The Workforce has Changed 

According to economists written about in a New York times piece, the labor force of America is changing. These economist theorize that that due to the fact there are similar jobs across the country, there is less motivation for people to move for the sake of a new job. If there is a job available in a different area of the country in your profession, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

4. The Internet 

The internet gives people the power to research in-depth where they are moving to when they move. This means usually when people do decide to move they are more likely to know more information about where they are moving compared to those who moved to new places before the internet. This means they are more likely to stay for the long run. Make sure if you are planning to move to utilize blogs, the schools, and city/county websites to get a better feel for what your new home may be like.

5. The Rising Cost of Living 

Many of the most desirable places to live for employment are just too expensive to live in, especially for younger people willing to move. Many people get stuck in the suburbs to save up to hopefully move into these cities one day, but they often stay put during this effort to save. Sometimes they end up staying in the suburbs forever (usually when they have kids) instead of making their dream move to a more desirable location.


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