Storage FacilityWhen choosing a storage unit, there are several factors you should consider.


You may be concerned about security issues in a storage unit. However, there are some steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of theft.

When choosing a storage unit, take a close look at the security features the site offers. Most storage facilities are completely fenced with a locked gate that requires you to enter a personal access code on a keypad to enter the facility. Many facilities also limit the hours that customers can access the units to reduce security risks. If the hours don’t work with your schedule, you may have the option of paying extra for 24-hour access.

It’s up to you to provide the lock for your personal unit. Many units can be locked with a traditional padlock or combination lock. You may also have the option of installing an alarm system on your unit similar to one you’d use for your residence. These types of alarms will alert you to problems no matter where you are according to a Tucson home security system representative from

Take a look at the lighting around the storage facility and ask whether there’s a manager on duty whenever the facility is open to customers. A well-lit and staffed facility is an excellent deterrent. A surveillance system is a must too.


Excellent security won’t do you any good if your possessions are damaged or destroyed by water or moisture. Mattresses, bedding and other furniture, as well as artwork and photographs, can be damaged by just an inch of water. Vulnerable possessions can be stored off the ground on wooden pallets or wrapped with covers or dropcloths to help keep moisture out.


Extreme temperatures can also take a toll on your possessions. Excessive heat will damage media such as DVDs, CDs or vinyl records, while severe cold can cause problems with electronic items. There are a number of household items that are negatively impacted by temperatures below 55 degrees or more than 80 degrees. You should consider a climate-controlled unit for your valuable items.

Packing options

The way in which you store your possessions inside the unit can play an important role in their security. It can be a wise move to store your most valuable items at the back of the unit. They’ll be less visible and more difficult for would-be thieves to access.


Your homeowners insurance may cover a just small percentage of any loss that occurs to items stored in a unit, whether it’s due to theft, water damage or other disasters. It’s a good idea to make sure your coverage will let you replace lost items.

Taking time to investigate the features a storage unit facility offers for safety and security will mean that you likely won’t have to later replace lost possessions. The peace of mind you’ll have is worth the effort you make.