4 Dirt-bike Winter Storage Secrets To Protect Your Bike From Damage

Dirt Bike 2When freezing temperatures and extreme weather hit, it is time to store your dirt bike for the winter. You want to make sure that your bike will still be running smoothly next spring when you are ready to ride, so follow these tips to correctly store your dirt bike to keep it in great condition.

Clean Your Bike

Give your dirt bike a good cleaning before you store it for the winter. If you leave dirt and grime on your bike for months, it is very difficult to get it clean again. Getting it off at that point could require harsh chemicals that could damage the finish. Once your bike is clean, spray the frame and engine parts lightly with a lubricant to keep them protected against corrosion. Don’t forget to check on your bike periodically throughout the winter to make sure lubrication doesn’t need to be applied again.

Dry Your Bike

After you have cleaned your bike, it is very important to make sure that it is thoroughly dried. One of the best ways to make sure that it is dry is to drive it around for about 10 minutes. This will get rid of the moisture in the wheels. Any moisture that remains during storage could cause corrosion or dry rot to set in over the winter months of disuse.

Perform Fluid Maintenance

There are several things that you can do to ensure that your bike will be running smoothly when you get it out of storage. First, perform an oil change and change to a winter grade oil. Your owners manual should describe what viscosity level is ideal for winter. You should not drain the fluids in your bike. In fact, this is a great time to make sure that you have proper levels of brake and engine fluids.

Cover Your Bike

A bike cover keeps your dirt bike from being covered in dust and dirt. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a custom bike cover to keep your dirt bike protected. Something simple can work just as well. Steer clear of plastic sheets or other plastic covers since they can trap moisture against your bike and cause corrosion. In addition, the plastic can attach itself to your bike and cause damage to its surface. Using an old blanket or a large cotton sheet is a better alternative.

Store Your Bike in a Controlled Area

For best results, your bike should be stored in a climate controlled area without a high level of humidity. However, most people store their bikes in garages. If you are storing your bike in your garage, make sure that is insulated and secure. Companies like Precision Door of San Diego offers new garage doors if your current door is allowing air and moisture to sneak in.

Though tucking your bike away for the season can be a sad day, if you follow the proper procedures for storing your bike, it will be ready to ride once nice weather returns to your area of the country. Even if you neglected to complete some of these procedures when you initially stored it, you can still go back and complete them to protect your bike properly for the rest of the season. Doing so will ensure that your ride is in tip-top condition when it’s time to break it out again!

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