3 Things You Didn’t Know about PODS Containers

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Thousands of people and businesses take advantage of PODS units around the United States, but there are many aspects that are taken for granted. A lot of thought, time, and effort go into the creation of a PODS container to keep the contents safe and secure, no matter what is being stored. Whether you have been using portable storage for years or are looking to learn more about them, here are 3 things that you didn’t know about PODS containers and what they are capable of.

1. You Don’t Have to Fill the Whole Container

One of the biggest concerns that people have about PODS containers is that they are too big for them to use up the whole unit. The main issue with this is that people are not aware of the various sizes that the units come in. While there are actually three different sizes of PODS containers that are available, all of the units have eyehooks that can be used to tie down any partial load. This is very beneficial because you can store what you have now and then add more to it later, or secure what you have loaded and then transport the PODS unit without worrying about damaging what’s inside. In other words, how much or how little of the space you use in the storage unit is entirely up to you, letting you be in control of the entire process. If you’ve been hesitating on using a PODS container because you don’t think you can use all the space, now there’s no excuse to get a unit and start packing your stuff into it. You can also place your PODS container almost anywhere on your property.

2. PODS are Water Resistant

Another worry with PODS containers is if they your belongings will get wet or not. Rest assured that PODS units are indeed water resistant, but it doesn’t have to end there. These boxes can withstand a lot of Mother Nature’s wrath, even standing up to winds of 110 mph when partially filled. On top of that, the units have aluminum skin panels that are specifically designed for durability and safety. The unit’s top provides natural, ambient light, though the durable polyester panel and roll up steel door is both lightweight and durable. Nature’s wrath doesn’t stand a chance against PODS moving containers. Rain, shine, sleet, or snow, they will be able to endure any storm so that everything inside is safe.

3. The PODZILLA was Created Specifically for PODS Containers

Want to know how important the safety of your things are to the PODS teams? They actually created a patented hydraulic lift system that can be found on every delivery truck. Known as PODZILLA, this lift has minimal shift when transporting the unit onto the truck so that there is almost no chance of anything looking different when you open your unit back up from when you initially closed it. No matter how far you are going, the PODZILLA is proof that the people who are handling your PODS unit genuinely care about what’s inside and that nothing is harmed. What other company can say that is has something even comparable to PODZILLA?

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