3 Reasons to Use PODS Instead of Storage Warehouses

Any time you need to move your belongings from one place to another, you’re going to need a place to store them once you get there. Usually the first thing someone thinks of when they think temporary storage is a storage unit; they’re pretty inexpensive and you can rent one in your area that is only a short drive away. What if you could rent a unit that could be brought straight to your door? Wouldn’t that make your life so much simpler and save you a lot of money on gas?

PODS has all of the benefits of a storage unit in a warehouse without any of the need for back and forth transportation. In the end, a storage PODS is very similar to a storage unit as both wind up being located in a warehouse. The difference between PODS and a storage unit however, is that when it comes time for someone to go back and forth to the warehouse to retrieve your belongings, that person is not you!

The idea behind PODS isn’t new; in fact they have been around for quite some time. The public is just now beginning to see the many benefits of storage units however, and this new awareness is what has sparked a sharp increase in the number of storage container companies.

Why should you choose PODS over a storage warehouse?

It’s Easier
And this is hands down the most obvious benefit. With PODS, you are cutting out the hassle and expense of traveling back and forth to your storage unit at a local storage warehouse; a PODS unit is dropped off at your door and you’re ready to load it up! No more going back and forth, packing, unloading, and repacking your things just to get them in or out of storage. Simply select a spot for your storage container to be placed upon delivery anywhere on your property (or streetside if it is legal) and your PODS can drop off it right where you need it.

It’s More Economical
If you’re like many other people, you’re always looking for new ways to save money. Services like PODS  provide a good value when compared to traditional storage units because they allow you to only pay for what you need and use. With most storage units, you lease a unit of a particular size from month to month regardless of whether or not you need or use all of the space you’ve rented. PODS make things a little easier; if you have reserved more than one PODS unit, but find that one is enough to suit your needs, you can send the other back and receive a credit for it.

It Just Makes Sense
Especially in larger cities, the number of car owners vastly outnumbers the number of truck, van, and SUV owners. What does this mean for you? Statistically speaking, it means that if you live in a larger city, there’s a good chance that you don’t own one of these larger vehicles, and that if you needed to move your belongings from one place to another you would need to rent a truck or other vehicle to do so. Because renting something to use to move your things costs even more money on top of what you’ve already spent on storage and will require additional time to pack and unpack, it’s easy to see why PODS just make sense as an alternative to traditional storage units!

Of course storage units are not the best fit for everyone’s storage needs. Some people just prefer traditional storage units, and that’s okay! Many smaller cities and towns do not yet have local storage container companies, and if they choose to use PODS it will have to be brought in from a larger city which can cost more. If you are considering renting a storage container, do a little bit of research first, and if you do have a company in your area offering storage unit make sure you look for reviews on their performance and service before you sign a contract!

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