10 Things You Should do to Your New Home Before You Move In

There are so  many things to do when you are moving, it can be hard to keep it all straight. One way to make moving a lot easier is prepping the space you are about to move into before you move in. In many cases it is possible to talk to the landlord or realtor about letting you get in early to do some of these things. Other steps you don’t even need to get inside the new abode to do. Follow these 10 steps, so that when you move in and start to unpack things are just a little less hectic.

1. Clean the Bathrooms and Kitchen (At Least)

If you are moving into a home that isn’t new, chances are you’ll probably want to clean and sterilize the bathroom and kitchen. Cleaning is a lot easier to do when a space is completely empty, so getting in before everything is moved in is a great way to save some time.

2. Placement of Boxes and Furniture

Decide where on moving day you will want the mover or you to place the boxes, so that you can most easily begin to unpack and organize everything.

3. Plan Out the Rooms

Sketch out exactly what each room will function as, and how you want to set the rooms up. This way when everything is being moved in you’ll know around where everything should be placed, so that it can be unpacked efficiently.

4. Measure your Furniture

Before you move in make sure that all of your furniture will actually fit into your new home. Sometimes in smaller homes or apartments you may not be able to fit in some of your items. It is better to figure this out now rather when you are trying to squeeze the enormous item into the tiny space.

5. Change the Locks

As a safety precaution, it is always a good idea to change the locks when moving into a new place. Doing this before you move in makes for one less thing you have to worry about after you move in, so you might as well get it out of the way before moving day.

6. Switch the Utilities

Before you move in, make sure to call the utility companies so they know exactly what dates the utilities need to be turned over. The last thing you want to deal with is the water or electricity being shut off when you move in.

7. Get Parking Permits

If you are moving to an urban area, chances are that you’ll need a parking permit of some sort. Take care of this beforehand to avoid getting parking tickets on moving day!

8. Paint

Painting is a lot easier when a house is empty. It also gives one the feeling of making their claim on a new space

9. Change your Address

At least two weeks before you move, it is a good idea to change your address. This will give the post office the time to do all the necessary paperwork. Plus, you don’t want to your mail with potentially personal information showing up at your old house after you’ve moved out.

10. Burn Some Sage

A tradition to refresh a space and ward off old, bad energy is too burn sage. Whether this actually works, we’ll leave up to your interpretation, but it can be a fun ceremony to help you feel more at home in your new space.

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