10 Storage Ideas & Tips

Our homes can truly become stuffed and overloaded with numerous items and mementos we collect as the years roll on and on. In these cases we often need to find ways to organize and store the things we want to keep so we can have them with us still without constantly tripping and dealing with the clutter. Here are some tips on what you can do to get the ball rolling:

1.    Glass Jars
If you have been around a workshop you must have seen how nuts and bolts were handled back in the day – all you need to do is simply nail, screw or superglue the underside of the surface you want to use and then fill the jars with your intended items, then screw them back on. That may not always be nuts, bolts and nails you could do this with buttons for sewing or whatever your heart desires as long as it serves a purpose.

2.    Shower curtain hooks
Very useful as temporary or portable solutions for hanging clothes around your closets. You can use them for a variety of purposes related to that as well such as hanging purses and various other accessories.

3.    Paper towel holders
You can use a holder to store anything from gift wrapping ribbons, tape and the like. Stacking them from largest to smallest works best.

4.    Spice containers
The clear-topped jars used for spices can be easily turned into a storage space of a sort by using superglue to set them to a base and then attach them to the wall or by lining them up on a long, narrow base for use on your desk. You can place all sorts of bits and pieces inside such as paper clips, rubber bands, post-it notes and the like.

5.    Pegboard
A pegboard is essentially a plywood board with holes drilled in its surface in which different types and shapes of hooks are attached. You can use those to organize your garage and garden shed so you can place tools, helmets, bikes and anything else your heart desires.

6.    Candle holders
You can use them to store toothpicks, paper clips, bobby pins and other small items on your desk, your table or someplace else.

7.    Desktop organizers
Using a desktop organizer can be very helpful in keeping your makeup, combs, brushes and other cosmetics in order. Just place one of the appropriate size in your drawer or on the jewelry stand.

8.    Organizing your linen closet
When you do that make sure you put dividers between spaces to avoid large stacks of clothes from toppling over. Sheet sets and blankets can be stored in plastic bins under your bed to save space.

9.    Bathroom cabinets
A good thing to remember is to throw away old make-up that hasn’t been used in a long time so you can free up space. Relocate your medications away from the bathroom to a dry location away from light and heat as the majority of these medications are sensitive to those.

10.    Laundry room organizing
Put a small bowl next to your washing machine so you can sort out buttons, coins, lint and whatever else you find in the pockets of the clothes you’re about to wash. If you have higher shelves consider installing lazy Susans to help you reach things better. A lazy Susan is in essence a rotating tray attached to a flat, horizontal surface like a merry-go-round. It will allow you to reach things without reaching all the way back.

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