10 Self Storage Tips to Prevent Ruining your Items

Putting personal valuables inside of a self storage facility can result in damage if one is not careful. These simple precautions can help ensure the safety of your items in self storage by preventing the damage that most commonly happens to items in self storage.

1. Consider carefully what you put in self storage

If there is an item that is irreplaceable due to the cost or sentimental value, consider carefully if you want to put in self storage or not. More than likely the item would be fine, but being cautious could save from future heart break. So if it at all possible do not put irreplaceable items in self storage.

2. Carefully organize your items in self storage

When people fill there storage units as quickly as possible, they frequently just stack, throw and pile items in storage without too much thought. This may be the quickest way to get all your items in storage, but it can result in major damage to items. Stacks and piles can easily fall even when they are left alone. When you are trying to take out all of the items it could result in major crashes of items damaging your items or worse, injuring yourself. The better way to approach self storage is to have a plan as to how you want to store everything. Then neatly and carefully place everything in the self storage unit according to that plan.

3. Do NOT store food in self storage units

Just like any building, self storage is permeable by all sorts of pests from mice to bugs. Make sure not to store any type of food in self storage, because you may end up with an infestation of pests.

4. Fill boxes completely

Unfilled boxes can easily collapse causing piles of boxes to fall every which way. Make sure if you have extra space in a box to fill it with packing material like newspapers, peanuts or any other extra material would do. If you know certain boxes are not filled all of the way, do not stack other items on top of them.

5. Cover mattresses, furniture and other misc. items

It is highly recommended to cover mattresses and furniture to avoid them getting damaged, moldy or worse. This is especially true for mattresses which have a tendency to attract dust, pests and mold- all things you don’t want on an item designed for sleeping on. Covering these items with plastic and/or cardboard can save you from having to replace the item in the future.

6. Air out your self storage unit

Self storage units frequently cause items to have a musty smell due to dust and lack of ventilation. It is a wise move to consider stopping by every once and while to open the door to let the items air our. This is especially useful on a breezy day where the wind will circulate air in and out of the unit. Try to stop by once a month or every other month for 20 minutes to air out your self storage unit, and it will help prevent your items from absorbing any lasting smells from self storage.

7. Consider a climate controlled self storage unit

If you live in a damp, cold or really hot area, it may be wise to consider a climate controlled self storage unit. These units control for temperature and humidity, so your items won’t be exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture levels. If you aren’t considering a climate controlled unit then remember to not store any items that can be damaged by moisture or extreme temperatures in self storage.

8. Investigate the security of your chosen self storage facility 

Before you rent a unit, make sure you check out the security available at the self storage facility. Does the facility have a gate? Guard? Cameras? Is it in a good or bad neighborhood? These are all things you should take in considerations when choosing a self storage unit for your items.

9. Clean furniture and clothes before putting in self storage 

Any odors or smells that you put into a self storage unit will stay in the self storage unit with your other items. Dirty clothes and furniture can result in a self storage unit that smells pretty bad. Also, any small crumb of food can result in an infestation of best. Make sure all of your items are cleaned well before you put them into a self storage unit.

10. Place tarp or drop cloths over all of your stuff in self storage 

Once you have placed all of your items in self storage, place a drop cloth or tarp over all of the items. This can prevent dust from settling on your items while they sit in self storage.

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