10 Most Important Tips For Storing Holiday Decorations

After the holidays, a least favorite chore is storing the decorations that were so much fun to put up. Here are 10 tips to make storing holiday decorations easier.
1. Take a picture: Before dismantling your holiday decoration, take a picture, not only for the memories but as a jumping off point for decorating the next year.
2. Keep your planner handy: The picture taking in step one should be tucked into the holiday planner which should be kept close at hand throughout the year. This is a place for any ideas that occur during the year as well as updating addresses and other information.
3. Storing the tree: in most holiday decorating schemes the tree is the centerpiece and star of the show. Storing it correctly insures the star is ready for many more encores. While storing the tree in the box it came in might seem like the logical choice, it is not the best choice long term. The cardboard box is not designed for storage and will be begin to break down over time. A better choice is a Christmas tree bag or box purchased for that purpose.
4. Storing the Ornaments: The box ornaments come in is a good choice for these but if those containers are not available, good alternatives are: egg cartons, an ornament storage chest or packing individual ornaments into disposable plastic cups. Shredded paper makes great cushioning for delicate ornaments.
5. Storing the wreath: the wreath can be stored in a wreath storage bag or box to protect the shape of the wreath. Other alternatives are a plastic bag or a crush-proof container. Or the wreath can be stored on a hook to keep it safely out of the way until next holiday season.
6. Storing the candles: candles are a special case as not only do they need to be stored in a place where they won’t be damaged, it also needs to be a place where the temperature is cool enough to prevent melting. Tucking individual candles in socks to prevent scratching or marring and tucking the wrapped candles in a cool dark place will protect them until next holiday.
7. Storing the lights: after taking lights down and before storing them, this is a good time to check for missing or blow bulbs. Once the lights have been checked and found operational, then they can be wrapped around a paper towel holder or a lights holder for easy storage.
8. Storing the linens: the holiday linens can be tucked into an unused suitcase and slipped under the bed for easy storage and to prevent moisture damage. They can also be stored on an unused shelf in the linen closet. Tuck a dryer sheet or two in with the stored linens for keep away moths and keep them smelling fresh.
9. Label storage containers: Once all the decorations are tucked away, check the outside of the box for easily read labels.
10. Number storage boxes. A simple label such as 1/10 will let you know which is the first box and how many boxes you are looking for. The labels from step nine can also include a numbering system so next year holiday decorating will be a breeze.

Jessica Denwer is an online journalist for Home Design and Cleaning portal.

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