10 Items you Should Put in Self Storage

Choosing exactly what you want to put into a self storage unit can be a difficult task. Some of us feel like we need all of our items, and that is why we own all of our stuff in the first place. This list will help you narrow down your search on what items you should put into self storage, so that you can free up the space you need.

1. Seasonal Items

Unless tis the season to be jolly, scary, or thankful, seasonol items can probably be put into self storage until that time of year rolls around again. If you plan on using self storage for long-term, put these items somewhere they can be easily found, because at one point you know you’ll need access to them when the holidays roll around again.

2. Memorabilia

Anything that you keep around pretty much for the sake of sentimentality can be put into self-storage. Trophies, old school papers, souvenirs, grandma’s wedding dress, and all that stuff you have for memories can be put away temporarily until you have need or use for them.

3. Rarely Used Furniture

At some point most of us begin collecting furniture that we rarely, if ever, use. Any piece of furniture that is just there to look pretty can go into self storage, and you’ll be glad this big and bulky item is out of the way until it is needed in the future.

4. Book, Music and Movie Collections

If you have any bulk collections, it can be a good idea to store them until you have room/space to display them again. This is especially true if the collections are mainly there for aesthetic and sentimental purposes rather than things you reference on a regular basis.

5. Unused Tools

Tools that are sitting the garage, basement or wherever gathering dust can be put away temporarily. Keep around only the items that you know you may need around: drill, hammer, screw drivers, nails, etc. Anything in excess can go into self storage, and you can fetch it if an issue happens to pop up.

6. Paperwork

Trash bags, file cabinets or wherever you keep paperwork, this can go into self storage. All but the most important items can be stored into self storage, because you have no need for paper most of time. However, if you do have important information on paperwork it is a good idea to keep it locked up if you store it in self storage- although this is a practice that should be applied everywhere.

7. Guestroom Items

Unless you plan on guests frequently, anything in a guestroom can be stored easily. Even if you plan on having company you can accommodate them with a sofa or an air mattress rather than bother with an entire room dedicate to occasions that rarely happen.

8. Decorations and Knick Knacks

While it is nice to have a home filled with little touch of beauty, it also is stuff that we don’t necessarily need.

9. Recreational Items

Pool tables, ping pong tables, basketball hoops, sports gear, beach gear, etc. can go into self storage until you plan on using them again.

10. Empty Nesting

If you have a child who has flown the coop, at some point you can re-claim their room. Just in case, you may want to put their items in storage for if they change their mind. Or even better, you can ask them to finally take all of their old stuff to their new home. This is usually a step by step process that can be painful for many parents, so don’t feel guilty if this is not a step you are ready to take yet!

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