10 Items You Need For Your First Place

Is it your first time moving out? Well, in my experience, we always seem to forget one of those items that you can’t just live without. Usually it is an item that is so common it is hard for us to wrap around our brain that it wouldn’t be readily available without us purchasing it in the first place, but it usually just an item that most people have a duplicate of for good reason. With a little bit of brainstorming and maybe a house warming party, you can hopefully prevent the silliest of forgetful mistakes.

1. Basic Kitchen Supplies

Even if you aren’t a chef, there are certain kitchen supplies that you just need to have around. A cutting board, can opener, spatula, serving spoon, wine opener/bottle opener and scissors are a great place to start. You can gradually add on as needed, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll need to acquire kitchen supplies to function.

2. Power Strip

Chances are in a new place you may not have all of the power outlets that you need to function. This is especially true if your first place is a dorm room or small apartment. Having power strips of extension cords at the ready ensure that you can keep your electronic devices plugged in with ease.

3. Space Heaters

This is especially important if you are moving into a new place in the winter. There really isn’t a way to see how well a place keeps warm at night. Investing in some safe space heaters may save you from freezing during the night in a new home.

4. Window Coverings

For security and privacy, window coverings are an absolute necessity. As adults, covering up windows with sheets, trash bags or whatever else may serve as a very temporary solution, but it is better to just come prepared. Make sure that you do cover the windows up, you neighbors will thank you!

5. Welcome Mat

Not only does this mark your home as your territory, but it also allows you and your guests to wipe off your feet before entering. Even if you do take off your shoes at the entrance, it’ll help you avoid mucking up the flooring that is right inside the front door.

6. Silverware/Utensil Organizer

This is a simple tool that makes life about a million times easier. Make sure to have a plastic organizer to keep all your utensil in working order.

7. Tupperware

Storage for food is an absolute must have. You can’t really cook in a kitchen without having somewhere to stash and store leftovers, so invest in a nice set of tupperware that’ll be with you for years to come. We highly recommend glass tupperware, because you can heat it in the oven or microwave without dirtying up any additional dishes.

8. Mirror

You may not be the most vain person, but being able to occasionally check what you look like can come in handy.

9. Towels

Small kitchen towels and towels for by the sink are an absolute must. You never realize how often you use these towels until you don’t have any!

10. Emergency Directory

Just in case it is good to have emergency numbers on hand.

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