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Starting a Self Storage Business: 5 Things to Consider

Right now is the perfect time to start a self storage business. Many people are downsizing and don’t know what to do with their stuff. Instead of selling it, many people leave their items at a self storage facility – just in case they want to utilize those items later. When it comes down to it, a self storage unit usually makes its money from renting out storage units – there is often a set up fee and monthly cost. If you are thinking of starting a self storage business, there are a number of things you must consider first.Read More »Starting a Self Storage Business: 5 Things to Consider

Top 5 Storage and Organization Tips for Kid’s Toys and Games

When your child is a baby it’s pretty easy to keep their stuff neat and organized. Sure, they’ll have a couple of stuffed animals and some colored blocks, but at the end of the day you’ll throw them in a drawer and that will be that. But as they grow older, their stuff seems to magically multiply. With every birthday, holiday and special occasion their toy and game collection grows, until it might well get to the point where you can’t see the floor in their room anymore. You’re going to have to get on top of the issue. You can pester your kids about cleaning their rooms all you want, but if you don’t have the proper organizational tools in place you simply won’t have what you need to get the job done. Here are five of the top storage and organization tips for kid’s toys and games to help you through.Read More »Top 5 Storage and Organization Tips for Kid’s Toys and Games

5 Ways to Save on Long Distance Relocation

Every time you move things are a little bit different. When you left home for college, everything you needed probably fit in the back of a station wagon. When you rented your first apartment you probably received a bunch of hand me down furniture and got everything else you needed from yard sales and Craigslist. But by the time you’ve got a home and a family, the scope and complication of your move is exponentially increased. If you’re about to embark on a long distance relocation, that complexity is even more striking. How do you effectively pack everything and get your entire family and your belongings to your new home in one piece, when that new home is hundreds or even thousands of miles away? Most people get through it simply by throwing money at the problem, but money isn’t exactly flowing these days. So here are five ways you can save on long distance relocation.Read More »5 Ways to Save on Long Distance Relocation

Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Relocation Tips

Moving can be difficult and not only for you and your family, but also for the environment. All those packing peanuts can add up and can be devastating on the environment. In fact, environmental data resources show that polystyrene, the material that packing peanuts are made out of, is the world’s 5th largest contributor to worldwide pollution. Not to mention all the cardboard boxes and old electronics that will most likely end up in an overseas landfill. Yet, there are a number of ways to relocate that won’t be so damaging on the environment, but also won’t cause you anymore added stress either. Here are the top 5 environmentally friendly relocation tips.Read More »Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Relocation Tips

How to Select the Best Storage Facility When You Move

Along with tax season and divorce, moving is widely recognized as one of the most stressful experiences a family can go through. It’s difficult even if you’ve moved quite a bit, but if you’ve been living in the same home with a large family for several years it can be downright madness. You’ve got a packed basement and attic to contend with, overflowing closets to get through, and that’s all before you even get to your new home and go about the process of figuring out where everything is and who your new friends will be. Paying for a storage facility can alleviate at least some of your stress. You won’t have to get rid of everything that doesn’t fit in the new house during the tight timeframe and overwhelming process of closing and organization. But if you choose the wrong facility, you could end up with even more headaches. So here are some tips on how to select the best storage facility when you move.Read More »How to Select the Best Storage Facility When You Move

5 Tips for Using a Storage Facility During a Long Distance Move

Moving is one of the most stressful things you and your family can ever go through. There’s the uncertainty of fitting into a new school, leaving friends and family behind and trying to create a new social circle. There are all of the grownup concerns about the new house, from renovations and repairs you may or may not be ready to tackle, to the pounds of paperwork you’ll have to work through to close on a property. But when the move is long distance, the stresses are amplified. You’ve got to pack intelligently, so that none of your valuables are broken during a long trip. And since most moving companies will charge not only for the amount of stuff you pack but also for how far you’re going, expenses can skyrocket. Many people manage these projects by using a storage facility. Here are five tips to help you best use a storage facility during your long distance move.Read More »5 Tips for Using a Storage Facility During a Long Distance Move

How to Find a Reputable Moving and Storage Company in Your Area

Aside from death and marriage, there are few life events quite as stressful as moving. It can be traumatic for the family, especially if you have children that love their school and neighborhood. It’s always time intensive, and can be quite costly as well. Facing the packing, the endless yard sales and all of the utilities that need to be transferred can leave you ready to close the curtains and throw a blanket over your head. But if you bring in the right moving and storage company, you’ll rest easy knowing your family’s most precious possessions will be well cared for. There are dozens and dozens of companies out there you could choose from, and no two are alike. Many have been around for years, and yet that doesn’t guarantee a quality job. Here are a couple of tips to help you find a reputable moving and storage company in your area.Read More »How to Find a Reputable Moving and Storage Company in Your Area

5 Medical Record Storage Safety Tips

Digital medical record storage can be a tricky procedure. Our medical records include a lot of private information, like insurance policies, diagnoses, treatments, social security numbers and payment reports. In a general poll, a surprising 94% of healthcare providers and organizations reported some kind of digital data breach that leaked sensitive patient information. With the rise of electronic medical record storage the problem is only getting worse and people are reporting all kinds of medical, financial and identify thefts. In three years alone, a whopping 21 million people were victim to these insidious crimes caused by digital medical storage breaches. Knowing some of the main reasons why breaches happen is an excellent way to protect your confidential information. Here are 5 medical record storage safety tips.Read More »5 Medical Record Storage Safety Tips

How to Preserve Your Classic Cars in Storage

Keeping your old classic cars in storage can make them susceptible to a lot of damage as a result of inactivity, like rust (which can bad if it gets in the motor), cracks, chipped paint, mildew and a fading interior. As our favorite cars of the 20th century are getting even more classic and rare, it is becoming more and more important to take the necessary precautions to protect them while in storage. Whether you plan on driving these vehicles, tuning them up to sell for a profit or make a project out of restoring them, knowing how to keep them safe in storage is vital. Here are some ways you can preserve your classic car in storage.Read More »How to Preserve Your Classic Cars in Storage