extra storage spaceNo matter how much storage you have around your home with the years you are bound to accumulate a truly staggering amount of belongings which require a lot of space. Even if you don’t have that many possessions there are some ways in which you could use a lot of the space around your home for storage purposes if you know how to utilize it in the right fashion. That is not difficult and in fact it can be done without too much hassle. Here are some ideas to let you expand the storage space around your home whether you need it or not:

1.    Under the stairs
There is  quite a lot of space underneath your staircases and in some houses that space can be easily used if there is nothing built there already. You can construct a triangular book case specifically created for that purpose with the services of a carpenter. You could do a similar thing in attic rooms if the space allows it especially with the sloped angles which would allow more storage space at the bottom.

2.    Window seats
Depending on the type of window you have you could utilize the window seats by creating storage space beneath a lid. You can pad the lid for extra comfort if you like leaning out and looking outside.

3.    Under the bed
Although some of us use that space to keep books, photographs and mementos there are plenty more uses for those. Instead of using boxes you should use plastic bins on wheels for easier access and better storage.

4.    Cabinets
Remember that cabinets don’t always have to be large or bulky – you can utilize any space with custom-made cabinets that fit any need or space. They may be more expensive in some ways but the added storage space can be made to look as you see fit.

5.    Pigeonholes
These can be used for a great number of items such as books, mementos and other possessions of varying shapes and sizes. Never underestimate the chance to work with those especially if they are combined with collapsible boxes used as drawers. You can label those and have your very own catalog of your items in a room designated for storage of documents or anything your heart desires.

6.    Wall mounts
These can be very useful for your home entertainment system as it will free up much needed space on the ground you could use for a variety of purposes. You can combine this with shelving to have a complete setup which makes using the entire system easier and very useful.

7.    Ottomans
Hollow, collapsible ottomans can be used for storage purposes with the added bonus that many of them can fit inside each other in some cases for saving space. They are very useful because of their adaptability and size.

These are only a few of the possible options and ideas that one might utilize around the home. In some ways they may not be as unorthodox as you might think, however plenty of people simply don’t realize they can use many other options when it comes to storage than putting everything in the closet or on the shelves in your kitchen and wardrobes. Using some common sense and a practical mind can go very far in this case.

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