Top 5 Self Storage Companies

Space is tight. Typical modern homes in cities have significantly less space compared to houses that were built a decade ago. It is not surprising that most people don’t have enough space to store large items such as boats and Christmas trees or even stuff like books, gardening equipments, and extra home decors. This is where self storage companies come into the picture. When you take a look around your area, there are inevitably a number of facilities that offer seemingly the same services. But there are some self storage companies that offer better value than others. Among these include:

•    Sovran Self Storage – founded in 1982, this self-storage facility goes under the brand Uncle Bob’s Self Storage. It is one of the biggest chains with over 350 branches covering 20 million square feet. From its initial base in Buffalo, New York, it now services 160,000 clients in 25 states.
•    U-Haul International Inc. – the company first opened in 1945 and it has the most recognizable brand in the whole of the United States. U-Haul International has 1,000 branches in 50 states and revenue of around $4 billion a year. Its prestigious history is testament to its ability to meet and exceed client expectations over a long period of time.
•    Extra Storage Space – headquartered in Salt Lake City, this chain has 700 branches. Since 1977, the company has rapidly expanded and it now offers 50 million square feet of space to clients. Extra Storage Space has a reputation of providing top-notch security. Majority of its facilities also have an in-house manager 24/7.
•    U Store It – although it is a relative newcomer in the industry having only started in 2004, U Store It has proven that it is a serious contender.  The company currently has a capacity of 25 million square feet and has said it will soon upgrade its branches. However, it also announced that the rent will increase for this reason.
•    Public Storage – there is no doubt that Public Storage Inc. is a leader when it comes to self-storage. The company boasts of 2,100 facilities scattered throughout the United States that has a storage capacity of 135 million square feet. It is definitely one of the biggest storage chains in the world. This facility is noted to provide good value for money.

The five companies we listed above are without a doubt among the best in the country when it comes to self storage. These firms have a long history and provide a service that works on a variety of locations. Despite these, it is still advisable for you to check out smaller organizations with operations in your area.

Smaller self storage companies may offer better packages because they are competing with large firms. Depending on the facility close to your area, it may also be more practical to choose a branch that is closer to your house. This will save you a lot of time and a significant amount from transport cost.

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