The Three Most Important Steps For Securing Your New HomeHomeowners should never wait until after their home is broken into to secure their homes. If you recently purchased your home, or you know someone who’s become the victim of a home burglary, now may be the time to consider crime-proofing your house. Even very minor and inexpensive home improvement projects can make a major difference when you’re attempting to make your home more secure. Here are 3 of the most important steps that every homeowner should take to keep the intruders out:


#1: Install Security Doors


Your entry door is the gateway to your home. While entry doors can be decorative, it is imperative that they add a layer of protection. If you want to enjoy the nice weather outside without welcoming the intruders, invest in a security screen door that will keep the vandals out without compromising your comfort in your home. These doors are made of heavy-duty materials that are difficult to break through, and will add to the exterior style of your home as well. Go a step further and replace your hollow entry door with a solid door for an added layer of protection.


#2: Upgrade Your Windows


Second to doors, windows are a very common access point for intruders to enter into homes. If you have old windows, now may be the time to upgrade double-pane security glass. This material is much harder to break for brave intruders who aren’t worried about noise or damage. They also come with stronger latches that will create a tighter lock. In addition to making your home more secure, security windows may also make your home more energy efficient.


#3: Install a Monitoring Security System


Homeowners no longer have to tear up their walls to install home security in El Paso TX. New wireless systems make it possible for homeowners to monitor their home while they are away. With a system from Vivint Des Moines IA, homeowners can actually view footage from their security cameras and arm their alarms from their smartphone or their computer. A security alarm is the final layer of protection that you need to secure your home when seasoned criminals can get through your security doors and windows.


All too often, homeowners focus on making their homes more aesthetically pleasing and fail to focus on making their homes more secure. While looks are important, safety is a priority that should come first. Follow these steps, secure your home, and feel safe every night when you go to sleep.