While the decision to move and relocate can represent a brighter and more positive future, it can also be an extremely emotional process. If you are leaving a property that has served as your home for many years, there are likely to be a series of conflicting emotions as you pack up your possessions and embark on a new beginning. The process is likely to be more intense if you have a young and emotive family, and you must strive to remain focused on the job in hand if you are achieve your ultimate aim.

Considering the Financial Cost of Relocation: How to Manage a Difficult Process

Given the potential for emotional distress, it is easy to lose sight of your finances during the process of relocation. The cost of funding your move can quickly become prohibitive if you are not proactive in your approach, as there are a number of hidden charges and expenses that can place a burden on your existing capital. By identifying these potential costs and taking steps to account for them, you can ease the process of moving and make it more manageable for all parties involved. Consider the following: –

•    The Employment of Movers and Specialist Relocation Firms: While this may be a cost that you are more than willing to cover, it is important to invest in a reputable and high caliber service provider. Whether you hire a moving rental truck or a firm to manage the entire logistical process involved, it is important to consider the value that you can expect for your investment rather than the bottom line cost. One of the first considerations that you should take is the firms level of insurance, and more specifically if they are covered by a basic haulage policy or a more comprehensive couriers protection. The latter offers far greater coverage for your goods while they are in transit, and affords you genuine pace of mind as they are transported to their new location.

•    The Cost of Storage: If you are moving to a smaller location, there may well be a pressing need to store some your possessions on a temporary basis. This will require an initial cost, so in order to minimise this and achieve the optimum value it is important to consider your options carefully. There have been a number of recent innovations in this marketplace, with the advent of portable storage units offering particular convenience to beleaguered movers. These units are delivered to your site by the company that you partner with, and once your items have been loaded they will be transported back to the depot for safe keeping. A surprisingly affordable and convenient option, this can ease the logistical burden of moving without forcing you to spend outside of your means.

•    The Need for Insurance: In addition to insuring that your chosen removal firm are adequately insured to transport goods and store them, you should also ensure that your content coverage is up to date prior to moving. As you begin to move your belongings and pack individual items, there are bound to be accidents and subsequent financial losses that arise from these incidents. In order to offset these, you should ensure that your documentation is up to date and that your material possessions are protected prior to transportation. While this may require a renewal fee, this is worth taking on when you consider the potential damage to your property.

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