When it comes to winter shopping, don’t forget about your car. There’s nothing like standing in three inches of snow in brand new boots, waiting for a tow truck to arrive. Winter weather conditions can slow down your ride if you’re not careful. A slide on an unforeseen icy patch might even endanger your life. Here are some tips to weather proof your transportation and help you avoid the concerns.

The Cold Is Coming- 6 Tips To Winterize Your Vehicle

Tip One: Yokohama Tires

This company prides itself on tires and safety. A good set of Yokohama tires can get you through sticky driving conditions, and icy patches are easier to avoid if your tires are equipped for the storm. Make sure to have your tires checked and rotated at your local Yokohama dealership. Always keep a spare and a jack handy just in case.


Tip Two: Oil Change and Antifreeze

Nothing’s worse than a corroded radiator, and winter will definitely test your engine. Be sure to have your oil and antifreeze in check. If you drive an older vehicle, keeping a bit of antifreeze in the trunk is always a safe bet.


Tip Three: Stay on Top of Emergency Supplies

Having a spare does not have to be limited to Yokahama tires. A spare blanket in the backseat will always come in handy. Other supplies should include a shovel, a scraper, brake fluid, extra socks and gloves, and some jumper cables. Car batteries can be a bit more temperamental when the temperature goes down. So can alternators, starters, transmissions… There’s no such thing as being too prepared.


Tip Four: Pump Your Brakes

A good way to know if your brakes can endure that long winter haul is to pump them. If you feel any air between your foot and the pedal it’s time to see a mechanic. Also, listen for the sounds your brakes are making. If you’re hearing a subtle little screech each time you reach a red light, it’s probably time for new brakes.


Tip Five: Turn Up the Heat

The trick is to make sure your heater gets nice and hot before the weather gets icy cold. You haven’t used your heat all summer long, so the only way to make sure it’s functioning properly is to turn it on.


Tip Six: Run the Wipers

Typically, windshield wiper blades are pretty durable, but it’s impossible to get through winter without them, so turn them on to be on the safe side. If they are a little run down, they’re very affordable to replace.


That’s it! Follow those six simple steps and you will have winterized your vehicle.