Storage Pods: Efficient Way to Store all Your Stuff

So you have a lot of stuff and not a lot of room to store it.  Maybe you started off with a garage at a storage facility but you’re really tired of driving back and forth to the facility.  Some facilities are not open 24/7 and others are always very busy so you never seem to get in and out in a timely manner.  The facility will cost you money each month to rent out a storage space and depending the size, it can be costly or it can be reasonable.  Either way it is a monthly expense that could be reduced or eliminated completely by using storage pods.

The easiest way to clean out is at your home with somewhere to put all the items right away to be taken to a storage facility, to donate, or to throw away.  If you have to make piles and clutter your space even more, it can become difficult to figure out how to sort the items.  You can order storage pods and have them delivered to your house.  With the pod in your driveway, you can pack it with the items you want out of your house.  Then the company that delivered the pod will come and pick it up once you have filled it up.  This method will give you the opportunity to take your time and fill it with boxes and items correctly labeled and packed.  When you are able to take your time and pack the way you want, your items will last through their time in storage and you won’t open a box later on to find things broken or ruined.  The storage pods will be stored at a facility that you will have access to.  These storage facilities are climate controlled and you have access to them just as you would a regular facility but they are less crowded.  The facility is more of a storage place rather than an in and out type of facility.

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Storage pods can also be used when you are moving and this is a great resource.  You call and order the pod to be delivered to your home.  Once it is delivered, you have just your own timeline to adhere to.  If you planned ahead and want to pay the price of having it available to be packed for a month, you can have it there for a month.  The possibility to make the move easy and as stress free as possible is one of the benefits of having a storage pod delivered.  When the pod is filled and you are finished loading up your house, a truck will come and deliver it to your new house.  The wonderful thing about using a pod is that you can hire whoever you want to load and unload the pod and everything is done on your timeline.  The pod can travel to your destination and be waiting for you when you arrive or it can arrive at a later date.

Storage pods are a great option when you are merging two households as you can sort through things slowly and carefully rather than throwing things out you may need.  The pod is there on your time and can be packed however you want.

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