Storage Ottomans – Elegant Organization

Getting organized is one thing, but getting organized and then being able to put your feet up and relax in the very thing that helped you do do is something that can only be accomplished with a storage ottoman. Storage ottomans are designed to not only hold some of your clutter, but they are also meant to accentuate the room in which they are used.

While the most elegant are covered with materials such as leather, you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics and colors so you can match almost any room scheme imaginable. No matter what color the room in question is, or how you have the design laid out, a storage ottoman can be found that will fit in perfectly.

These days, there are many different types of storage ottomans and while most are best used as a foot rest near your favorite easy-chair, there are some that are meant to act almost as small tables. Here are some of the most popular types of storage ottomans available today:

  • Traditional Storage Ottoman: A traditional storage ottoman is either square of round and is meant to be placed at the edge of an easy-chair. The traditional storage ottoman has a removable top that exposes a nice area where you can store some of your clutter. Many people use their traditional storage ottomans to store things such as magazines, but really, the sky’s the limit and you can use it for whatever you wish as long as it fits.
  • Coffee/Cocktail Table Storage Ottoman: These ‘table’ ottomans are meant to be used as the centerpiece to a room, such as in your living room. They are typically longer and more rectangular in shape and their storage area is not as deep as the traditional storage ottoman. However, the added length usually makes up for this and a table ottoman is the perfect solution for storing all the loose clutter in your living room, including remote controls and the like.
  • Bench Storage Ottoman: A bench storage ottoman provides the most amount of storage as it is the biggest type of storage ottoman made. Bench storage ottomans are usually placed near the front entrance of a home or at the foot of a bed. This allows for all the clutter that can plague either of these rooms to be neatly stowed away in the bench storage ottoman. The bench storage ottoman, to no surprise, looks just like a bench and it could serve as a bench should you ever need for it to.

Storage ottomans are the perfect solution if you wish to both spruce up your home and de-clutter it all at the same time. With the many styles and colors that you can choose from, you may end up going with more than one in order to fit the particular needs of your home. While there isn’t one that works better than the other, each type of storage ottoman does have its place and can almost certainly help out in anyone’s household when it comes to style and clutter.



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