Solve your space problems with self storage units

Are you running out of room at your home or office?  Do you need to ensure the security of your collectable items?  Are you renovating and don’t know what to do with your furniture? From business archives to excess household goods, self storage units offer facilities that can solve the headaches and heartaches of freeing up the space you need.  Self storage gives you the security, control and access you need over your papers, household goods, stock and collectible items.

There are many types of storage units available at self storage facilities that lease out space to individuals and businesses large and small.

When do you require storage units?

* When you are moving and do not want to clutter your new place while you settling down.

* Planning to sell your house and showing the house with maximum space benefits, to get a better price.

* Storing Christmas decorations, snowmobile and snow blowers during summers and bicycles, swimming pool and summer sports equipment during winters.

* Old files, sentimental items and things that you might not want to throw away.

* You need to ensure your collections and precious antiques are safe and secure.

* Remodeling, painting and redecorating and you need to move away your belongings.

* Death in the family and the items belonging to the person need storage.

* Business and trade requirements for warehousing and archival purposes.

Advantages of self storage units:

* Independent units can be used to store anything that is legal and safe.

* A unit can be rented out on a weekly or monthly basis.

* You can padlock it with your own locks.

* The owners of these storage facilities do not have access to these units.

* You can choose the size of the storage unit according to your requirement.

* Completely safe as the owners are responsible for the safety and security of the storage units and use the state of art facilities to safe guard your belongings.

* Security cameras, alarms and security guards around the clock are stationed for safeguarding the self storage unit facility.

* 24 hours access to the storage units.

However, you are not allowed to use self storage for flammable, toxic and hazardous substances. They can also not be used for living purposes but purely as storage units due to the lack of proper ventilation.

You need to be aware that self storage facilities should have optimized humidity control.  Otherwise fungus, mold and mildew can create havoc with the stored items, due to the poor air ventilation and high moisture content inside the units. Good storage units keep the humidity levels to below 65% with a temperature set at 50 to 80 degrees F in their storage units.
Advanced storage facilities have other facilities such as cold storage facilities for preserving food and flowers, which require very low temperatures. Some self storage facilities are optimized to store delicate items like wine.

No longer do you need to worry about how you will store all collections or precious items – self storage units are the answer to all your storage problems.

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