Self Storage Rental Rates

Self storage is an option that a number of families fail to look into when it is apparent they need somewhere to put all their possessions. It is often the case when a family is moving home that they realize they had more items than previously believed. Their new abode is unable to accommodate the excess goods so a self storage facility must be rented out. Those unfamiliar with how self storage works could find themselves paying far too much when it comes to self storage rental rates. Considerable savings can be made by conducting some research as well as understanding why some companies charge higher self storage rates than others.

Striking A Bargain
It is unbelievable but true that in this day and age, people are afraid to negotiate. Customers still fall for the almost clichéd bullying tactics used by self storage companies. Any attempt to negotiate price is usually met with a curt response suggesting that the self storage unit is the last one available and there is someone else coming who is willing to pay the price etc. These are the same type of tactics used by agencies who rent out homes. In reality, the company does not want to lose a client so bargain them down if possible. Also, taking out a longer term lease virtually always results in a self storage rental rate deduction.

Size Matters
Perform a check on the amount of possessions you intend to place in the self storage unit. This needs to be thorough and account for any extra items you think may be placed into the storage unit in future. Having a space that is too small is a really silly mistake to make as is renting a space that is far too big for your belongings. There is no need to pay more for a large unit if half of it will never be used.

The self storage rental rates charged by companies depend on a range of factors. For a start, the level of security provided by a self storage organization will affect the rates. Companies that offer comprehensive 24/7 security and have multiple surveillance cameras will justifiably ask for higher rates. Other features such as ramp access and services relating to locks and keys will add more onto your bill.

Customers living in lowland areas may have to pay higher self storage rental rates because the company needs to cover the extra costs of insurance due to the risk of flooding. There is also the option of separate insurance to protect against damage and theft. It is worth talking to a rental or homeowner insurance agent to see if your possessions are already covered by house insurance. You may find that certain items are covered while others are not. It is a good idea to purchase comprehensive self storage insurance to cover everything.

Additional Charges
Facilities will have their own individual charges such as fees for termination of a contract or a certain amount of money to be paid upfront. Expect the first month’s self storage fee to be very high so budget accordingly. If you can afford it, placing your possessions into a self storage unit is preferable to having them clutter up your home.

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