Spring is usually the time when cyclists pull their bikes out of storage. Those of you who ride year-round might stow their wheels indoors, rarely keeping the bike locked outdoors overnight, especially if your bike is your only mode of transportation. If you don’t have a garage and your living quarters are cluttered and condensed, it might be a good idea to start investigating a few bike storage options. Here’s an interesting YouTube video that shows an inventor’s son, Jack, hoisting his bike up to a rack that is attached to the ceiling of a garage.

This idea is great, but if you don’t have access to a garage and you’re pretty sure that your landlord is going to throw a fit if you install a rack on the ceiling, there are a few alternatives. One option to consider, for storing excess belongings and your bike, is looking into storage for rent at Uncle Bob’s Self Storage.

These guys are so cool that they even had an article by Josh Kruk on their site, offering advice on how to safely store your bike indoors. Kruk’s article offered some really interesting ideas, like installing a bike rack to your wall, so your bikes can hang from a platform that is out of the way. Even if you don’t get around to installing a rack, it’s really great that they are thoughtful enough to offer creative ways to store things in your home and garage. They have three facilities that are easy to travel to, on the north, south and eastern sides of Maryland. Their storage center in Frederick is perfect, and super friendly. If you visit their site, you can get  15 percent off of one month by simply filling out a form that asks for your address and why you need storage. The form takes five seconds to fill out and will give you an instant discount, then all you have to do is gather everything needed for storage and and voila! You’re well on your way toward having a safe place to store your bike and having more space in your humble abode, all at the same time.

Now that your bike and other things are securely stored in a unit that you can access anytime, you can start thinking about other things, like enjoying all the extra space you have in your apartment. More space can give you room to breathe and spread your wings. You might even be inspired to redecorate, or do spring cleaning. Having more space in your dwelling can open up your world for the better, you might even wonder why you hadn’t thought of getting an affordable storage unit before.