Preparing Your Boat for Storage

If you have a boat you probably knowing that finding somewhere to store it can be a little difficult. While there are many storage facilities out there, not all are able to accommodate boats and RVs. If you are looking for somewhere to store your boat or RV it is important to consider many factors. Renting a space for your boat isn’t as easy as getting a storage unit for your regular household goods.

Things to Consider
Before you can store your boat you need to find a boat storage facility. You will need to find a storage facility that can accommodate your boat. Make sure that your facility will be able to support the weight of your boat or RV. This is essential for keeping your boat safe from damage while it is in storage. Also make sure that it will be easy to get your boat in and out of storage. This means that you will need a facility that has large turning radiuses. If it is a hassle every time you put your boat into storage will end up being an irritation very quickly. Many facilities that offer boat storage offer pull in access which is much more convenient than having to navigate through a twisting and turning parking lot.

Once You Make Your Choice
Once you find a storage facility that will be able to accommodate your boat you need to prepare it for storage. Failure to properly prepare your boat can result in damage to your boat and costly repairs. Here are some important steps that you can use to prepare your boat for storage. Remember that your boat may require different preparation so always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines if they are available.

Step 1: Fill Your Tank
You need to make sure that your gas tank is full before you store your boat. This will keep the gas you have from condensing in the fuel lines. After your tank is full add in a high quality fuel stabilizer. Make sure that you find out exactly how to add a fuel stabilizer for your boat since doing it incorrectly can severely damage your boat. Then turn on your boat to run the stabilizer through the system for a few minutes.

Step 2: Add Fogging Oil
Next you will add fogging oil to your carburetor. Your boats manual will provide you with detailed instructions for adding this oil. Bear in mind that fogging oil will make your engine smoke a little more than normal the next time you use your boat, so don’t worry when you see this happen. You can also apply fogging oil to your boat cylinders.

Step3: Use Anti-Corrosion Spray
Anti-corrosion spray will protect your electrical connections from corrosion. While you are applying this spray also check your other connections and clean any areas on the boat that need a little extra maintenance.

Step 4: Flush the Gear Case
Now you will flush the gear case and change out the lubricant if necessary. This step is critical and failure to do so can really damage your boat.

Step 5: Disconnect Your Battery
Finally you will want to remove your boat battery and clean it before storing it. It is best to store your battery outside of the boat especially if your boat will be in storage for a long time. You can clean the battery and its terminals using anti-corrosion spray. Store your battery in a warm location if possible. Many people find an out of the way location in their home for battery storage.
Finding a good self storage facility is important, but equally important is preparing your boat before you leave it there. This will keep your boat in working condition even if you don’t use it for months or years at a time.

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