Do you want to securely move your home furniture and goods or maybe just put your collection in a safe place? A portable self storage unit is the perfect solution!

Portable storage units (mobile storage units) or better known as PODS (portable on demand storage) are very popular due to the combination of a storage unit and a moving truck. Portable self storage provides you with a secure facility with complete control and unlimited access to the pod units. This is a moving storage system which is at your beck and call both to deliver and store. A container is offloaded for you to pack and picked up to be stored in a secure storage facility. You can call for delivery to its destination or when you want your stored goods back.

There are many benefits of leasing the portable self storage units for your moving and storage requirements.

Main advantages:

* There is no requirement of packing and loading onto a truck.
* No need to walk up the steep ramp with heavy furniture and boxes.
* Flexibility of filling up the pod units or boxes at the convenience of the customer.
* Only one key for the containers which is held by the customer.
* All weather protection cover on the containers.

You may require space for renovating or moving to a new city which requires moving your household goods. These portable storage units are easy to fill up – no need to pack your furniture. Just lift it and load it into the empty crates provided. Many self storage facilities give you the option of pod storage and send the containers to your doorstep so you can fill them up in your own time. Once you rent a portable self storage unit, you can keep it from four to eight weeks and each container has only one key and this is in your possession only.

Once the storage unit is filled, just call the storage facility and they will send in a hydraulic lift system, which picks up the container and then stores it securely in the facility. This system keeps your goods safe from moving or being damaged.  It also gives you the added benefit of not even going to the self storage facility and driving back and forth to get your belongings back. If you are concerned about the space these storage facilities take up, each portable self storage unit is eight feet by twelve feet which can accommodate nearly all the contents of a 1200 sq. ft house.

The portable storage units are ‘all weather’ protected so whether you keep it in your backyard or at the storage facility, the goods will remain protected. When you require your goods back, just give a call to the storage facility and they will deliver your portable self storage unit wherever you want across the city or even across the country.

Pod storage units give you convenient options for packing and where you can store your belongings.  So if you need to solve a storage problem or are moving house, the answer is to call for a portable self storage unit.

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