Popular Uses for Self-StorageThe popularity of self0-storage is growing year on year in the UK with many domestic and commercial users realising the benefit of renting storage space. If you can see the use in self-storage but don’t know if it is for you then read through this list of domestic and commercial uses and see if any of them apply to you.


• Temporary Storage During a House Move
When moving house many find that they need somewhere to store their possessions temporarily whilst they move in to their home. Self-storage is great in this situation as the size and length of the rental is entirely flexible and tailored to suit your needs. If your move gets delayed for any reason you can just extend the rent of your storage. Simple!

• Long term furniture storage
If you have downsized but can’t bear to sell your valuable belongings or the furniture that is just too big for your new property then storage may well be the best solution for you. You can rent storage units for as many years as you need so you don’t even need to plan when to remove it your property, you can just store it and carry on knowing that your items are safe and secure for as long as you need them to be.

• Free up Household Storage Space
You can use a storage unit to store all the things cluttering up your garage, spare room, loft or shed. Even if you’re not moving it’s a good way to store those extra bits and pieces so that you can finally get the gar in the garage or have friends over in the spare room.

• Store summer items over the Winter months
Whether it’s a caravan, motorbike or garden furniture, self-storage is an excellent way of safely storing summer items over the winter months. If you have a jet-ski or a caravan that you only need in the summer months, storage is a much safer option than keeping it sitting on your drive whilst it’s not being used.


Popular Uses for Self-Storage 2• Secure storage for Removals
If you own a removal company and wish to expand your business self-storage is a great way to offer a more complete service to your customers. By renting the storage yourself and organising the transport, storage and delivery of your customers items you take the hassle out of the move for your client and are more likely to attract more business.

• Storing stock
If you operate a business that requires the purchase and storage of a large amount of stock then self-storage may well be the best solution for your storage needs. Renting a storage unit will, in most cases, be more cost effective than moving to larger premises. As storage is also flexible you will be able to change the size of your storage unit as and when you need to so that you can expand and decrease your storage as your needs change.

• Tools and Building Materials
Many storage companies will offer a forklift service so self-storage is a good secure alternative to on-site lock-ups for companies needing to store tools and building materials.

• Archive storage
Small units are a perfect solution to archive storage as they offer a low cost permanent alternative to moving premises.

• Vehicle storage
Many storage companies offer units large enough to store cars, busses, vans and lorries so self-storage removes the need to buy or rent garages or space on secure open air compounds.

• Distribution Points
Many businesses find self-storage units work well as designated distribution points. By storing excess stock within them they are able to use them as distribution points so that they can manage and move stock between different branches of their business.