Plan your move with following guidelines

Moving is so hectic job so peoples who don’t want to take the headache of this task hire moving company. Most of the packing and moving companies end the task easily because of their professionals. All these employees get training to experts before starting. A moving company can do the following for you:

* They can pack; wrap your possessions with good materials of packing
* Team can load your goods in the moving vehicle, which will be their own
* Moving company move goods with the help of their driver and transit escort team
* Unloading expert will finish the task of unload goods
* At last you can also get the benefit of rearranging service.

What do you think is it enough for moving home or office? No, because moving company execute their limited task. So you have to complete the other related task yourself, as you know about your own goods better than others. Start planning three to four months earlier than the day of moving. Mentioned here are some useful tips for all your problems that you may find before or during the process of moving.

Before three months of the day

Sweep up all your laziness. If you have extra luggage or the things, which you’ll not use again sale or donate it to any shoddier family.

Planning two months prior the day

Make up a standard change-of-address letter with your new address and phone number. Investigate about the school, fuel agencies, hospitals, and securities nearest at your new home. Compare rates and prices of desirable services, find the cheapest one.

Moving day is one month ahead?

Start informing all your neighbors, friends, colleague, relatives about the location and address of new place. Don’t forget to tell them the name of nearer landmark.

Hire a moving company

After completion of above task it’s time to hire a moving company. Go with the company, which is reputable. If not able to find the one you can rely upon; ask your friends or colleagues and also search on net for recommendations.

Seasonal Item

Start packaging of seasonal items like clothes, decorative lights, garlands and items that you know you won’t be use till next season. Also take an inventory of your belongings before they’re packed, in case you need to fill in an insurance claim later.

Instead of packing a room at a time pack the least commonly used items in each room this will mean that you can start packing sooner.

Step out

* Send all utility services to new destination before day of moving
* Unfreeze your refrigerator and place deodorizer inside to control odors.
* Clear your bills and cancel delivery of milk and newspaper.
* Don’t forget to carry first-aid box, regular medicines, torch and battery, tea making things including kettle, cell phone and other comforters
* Check the locks of closet, drawers, shelves and garage.
* Carry important documents, money and jewelery yourself.

Make packaging of goods safe at your end

* Get cardboard moving boxes of all sizes, large plastic bags, industrial strength packing tape and a permanent marker with you whether packed by you or by the team of moving company.
* Mark each and every packed item or apply eye catchy stickers. So you can easily rearrange goods at new address.
* All the fragile and breakable items should be packed with blankets.
* Put heavy and lighter items in small & large boxes respectively.
* Pack all the clothes and bathroom items in a handy overnight bag which you think are not necessary before the move
* Label the contents of all kitchen.

Make sure you put valuables and important documents somewhere safe while moving.

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