Sadly, most remodeling jobs out there aren’t worth the investment because homeowners won’t see a return once it comes time to sell. However, that doesn’t mean that every remodeling job is going to be a loss. If you have thought about remodeling or maybe you’re just curious about which remodeling jobs are worth the investment, here are five updates to consider:

New Home Owner- 5 Updates Always Worth the Cost

#1 Replace the Deck

Over time, a wood deck is going to start to rot and truly show its age. Instead of attempting to stain over the cracks and rotted wood, it may be best to replace it. Experts claim that by replacing the wood on a deck, homeowners can see close to a 70 percent return on their investment.


#2 New Entry Door

This is an extremely easy remodeling job that can pay off huge dividends. By simply replacing your existing entry door with something such as a 20-gauge steel door, your curb appeal and house value can instantly go up. Like replacing the wood on your deck, an entry door investment can net you a quick 60 percent return.


#3 Windows

Today, a lot of home buyers have energy efficiency on their minds. Energy Star, a government backed program, states that by replacing your old single-pane windows with Energy Star-rated windows, can save you more than $600 a year in heating and cooling costs. Aside from the energy savings, you can also receive a nice green energy tax credit, up to 10 percent, for installing these windows.


#4 Adding a Security System

Aside from energy efficiency and home aesthetics, security is another key concern on most people’s mind. Newer security systems today can do more than just watch the perimeter of your home. These automated systems can also help you control your thermostat anywhere in the world and even help lower your homeowner’s insurance rates. Since these systems are relatively hard to install, it’s best to hire the professionals. To find one, consider searching for something local, such as “Home Security Florida.”


#5 Wood Floors

Instead of replacing the wood floors in the home, many homeowners opt to refurbish their floors instead. If your hardwood floors are starting to wear down and look like they haven’t been taken care of for years, it may be time to consider sanding them down and placing a new coat of stain on it. By doing so, it will bring life back to the room and instantly increase the value of your home.


By investing in one of these projects, you can be assured that your home value will increase and you can sleep well at night knowing that your money was well spent.