Moving with Pets

Moving can be an extremely stressful time in your life and this can also be true for your furry friends. Pets act like additional members of the family, only with pets you can’t explain to them why everything is being boxed up and why there is such a state of disarray in the household. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t affected.

If you are moving with pets you will want to make sure and address the following:

•    Keep Your Pets Safe: With all that will be going on with your move you will need to be sure your pet is protected. This is especially important if you are having a moving company do all the labor for you. If this is the case, be sure that your pets stay in an isolated room so they don’t have to deal with strangers coming in and out of their environment. You may even wish to consider boarding them when movers are going to be present. Also be sure that their collars are on and that all the information on those collars is correct just in case your pet gets out in the midst of all the moving mayhem.
•    Make Preparations in Advance: Always be certain to take care of all your pet preparations well in advance of your move. Get your pet’s records from your veterinarian and be sure to update the information on file if your pets are ID microchiped. Additionally, check with the city and/or state in which you are moving to and see if there are any special provisions that need to be met due to you having pets. For instance, all cats and dogs that you move to Hawaii will be required to stay in quarantine for 120 days. While this is an extreme case, you should always find out ahead of time if any such conditions exist.
•    Be Understanding: Your pets will likely feel a good deal of anxiety as the move progresses. Be understating of your pets feelings and try to set aside some time to spend with your pets in order to make them feel loved. If possible, try to move your pets to your new home first and allow them to get a lay of the land and feel more at ease with their new surroundings. If you do so, be sure you bring your pet’s favorite possessions, such as their pet bed, food and water dishes and perhaps a couple of toys.

Once you have completed your move, be sure you keep your pets inside for a least a few weeks. Even if they are typically ‘outside’ animals, allowing them to roam freely may leave them confused and lead them to running off. If your pets must go outside, be sure you accompany them.

Moving can be traumatic for people and for animals as well. Remember that even though your pets can’t tell you they are nervous and anxious, chances are that your move is making them feel both. Simply be prepared and be sure to give your pets lots of extra love and attention and your move with your pets should go smoothly.

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