In The Market For A House? 5 Real Estate Searching Tips To Know

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With the real estate market rapidly improving, consumers across the country are taking advantage of low mortgage rates and discounted home prices. Before you get too excited and sign on the dotted line, do some diligent research and follow these five real estate searching tips to make sure you buy the home of your dreams:

In The Market For A House- 5 Real Estate Searching Tips To Know

Drive Through the Neighborhood

So you’ve found a few homes that you think might cater to your needs, but you aren’t sure about the neighborhood.

After you’ve taken tours of a couple of properties, drive through the neighborhoods at different times of the day. This will give you a chance to see whether or not they are safe, how busy it gets during peak hours and if your children can safely play outside. If noise is a factor at night and you have light sleepers in your family, you may need to find a home in a quieter part of town.


Drive Through Nearby Areas

If you have children, you’ll want to check out the local schools. Drive around to see if there are any quality schools within walking distance and make sure your children can safely walk to and from school on a daily basis.

Other amenities such as grocery stores, parks, restaurants and medical facilities should also play an important part in whether or not you purchase a home.


Inquire about the Cost of Utilities

When searching for homes for sale in Salt Lake City, inquiring about the cost of utilities is an essential step before signing on the dotted line. Salt Lake City experiences extreme weather conditions during the winter months, which can greatly affect your utility bills.

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The key to purchasing a house you can afford is making sure you budget for all the bills associated with the property. You will likely spend more on utility bills during the winter months, so try to estimate this amount before you purchase your home.


Home Inspections are Crucial

While the your dream home may look great on the outside, what you find behind the walls and underneath the carpeting may tell a different story. The best way to find out is to hire a home inspector.

The results of the home inspection can greatly affect the price you pay for the home. If there are serious problems with the foundation or roof, you may be able to get a significant discount on the selling price.


Ask To See Tax Statements

There’s nothing like an increasingly large tax bill to ruin your purchase. Make sure to inspect tax bills from the last five years to ensure that the amount doesn’t increase year after year.

Long term happiness is the key to finding a good home. Make sure you and your family will be happy with your new home for years to come before you decide to buy the property.

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