A new home is one of the most exciting transitions a family can make, but also one of the most stressful. Moving all the items that make a house a home from one abode to another can be chaotic and unsettling. With a few easy steps this transition can be made smoother and more enjoyable.

1. Before you begin packing up your household items for transport, focus on your favorite comfort items. Think about those items you would pack for a vacation and the things you use on a daily basis. These need to be set aside and marked “Do Not Pack” so they are available to you in both locations. This can be your coffee pot and special cup, all your toiletries and of course, your necessary clothing items that you will wear during the move. If children or pets will be moving with you, this will be their favorite toy or a special blanket or bed. Be careful to remember necessary medications and some basic first-aid items when selecting the items not to be packed.

2. Rent a storage unit. Even if your move is local, having a storage unit set up as a staging area is one of the most valuable uses of moving funds. This is especially important if there will be an interim period between moving from your old home into your new home. Although you may be able to move your household goods directly from one house to another, a storage unit provides an extra space to store items you aren’t sure where to place at your new location. Bringing too many items into the new house at one time creates disorder and a sense of chaos. Using a storage unit space allows the homeowner or tenant to move into their new space more methodically. Arranging the boxes in the storage unit by room provides an easy arrangement for setting up the new home room by room.

3. Set up at least one room entirely before proceeding with the rest of the house. This is so important. Having one room set up comfortably and completely is invaluable to your peace of mind and comfort. Taking a break from moving among half-empty boxes, packing paper and miscellaneous items strewn about will not refresh you the same as lying in a familiar bed with your favorite pillow. The master bedroom is the perfect place to start if this is the room you feel the most relaxed and at ease in.

With these three easy steps, the transition from old to new can be sweet indeed!

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