At one time, if you had too much stuff and not enough room to put it all, you had to find a local storage shed, sign a year-long contract for storage space, bribe a friend who owned a truck to help and load it all up and physically move it to the shed yourself.  Not only could it be a real pain coordinating activities and moving it all, but there were very little customer options if you had a unique storage need.  All of that has changed in the past ten years.

Mobile storage options have answered customers unmet needs.  These mobile storage options are storage pods or units that can be as small as a refrigerator box or as big as a full-length trailer, but are delivered physically to a customer’s location.  These units can include the following attributes:

Heavy Duty Steel Construction. Because these mobile storage units aren’t in an environmentally controlled area, they are usually created with heavy duty steel and reinforced doors, roofs and edges.  They are made to withstand all kinds of weather and resist external damage.

Security. Security is of the utmost importance to anyone storing their goods.  Many of these mobile storage units have more than just a lock and key system.  Often times, there is a secure lockbox, a heavy-duty steel locking arm and even alarm systems and video options for the customer’s protection.

Multiple Choices.  Mobile storage units do not have to be kept on the customer’s property indefinitely.  Many companies have a central warehouse location and will transport your storage pod back to the warehouse for safekeeping.  If a customer just wants to reduce the need to bribe a friend with pizza and beer for the use of their truck, these choice of off-property storage locations is a primary selling point.

Custom Design. Although many storage units are standardized sizes, such as 10, 20 or 40 foot storage pods, when a customer has a unique need, the mobile storage companies can create a unit that has been designed to alternate specifications.  They can be built to fit large equipment, farm machinery and the like.

Convenient. There are very few time limits or restrictions placed upon the mobile units.   When a customer wants to move some items to storage, the pod can remain at the customer’s location for as long as it takes to fill the unit.  Customers don’t have to rush the moving process just to meet a company’s schedules.  They can fill the container in a day or in a few weeks without any adverse charges.

Climate Controlled and Insulated. Just like a mobile classroom can have an air conditioner or heating unit, mobile units can be equipped with climate control features.  The climate control in these types of mobile units is often not as high quality as one would get in a secure warehouse, but are good enough to meet a customers needs for insulation or air control.

If you are interested in mobile storage units and believe it is the answer to your need, simply start by defining your present need.  Think of what you are going to store, how long you might need to store it, what type of security you need, where you want to keep the unit, and how often you want to access the contents.  Then, do some searches in the yellow pages or online to find local companies and start contacting them to find the one that best meets your needs.

Storage options have come a long way in the past ten to twenty years.  Customers now have more options relating to convenience, security and timeliness.  When it comes to mobile units, the customer can get as many unique choices as they can pay for.  And the cost is not always that high either.  Competition among storage companies keeps the cost acceptable and the selection of feature higher.

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