Promoting your self storage facility shouldn’t be expensive. In fact there are a lot of things that you can do that won’t cost you anything but your time and your efforts and a bit of creativity. You just have to think outside the box and find out ways to get your name out there. Few are a few suggestions.

1.    Create a website and market it:  Customers trust businesses with websites more these days and there are a ton of affordable online website solutions for businesses to have professional websites. In addition to creating a website, you should also market it.  Do some basic search engine optimization, add your websites to online directories and maps, as well as specialized self storage directories.

2.    Host Events at Your Facility: This may sound strange but if you can host an event at your facility, weather in the parking lot or any available space you have, you can get good exposure. The event can be anything. It can be a local business meeting, a party (yes College students like to party and also like to rent self storages), you will get good exposure for your facility and people will remember it when they need a self storage. Also there is a good chance you may get some media attention and get some free advertising.

3.    Sponsor or attend local events: Sponsoring a local event, such as a local charity, will give you a ton of exposure you need.  If sponsoring them is out of your budget, at least attend them to network with others at the event so they learn about you.

4.    Giveaway Free Stuff: Giving away free stuff always works for all sorts of businesses, including self storage. You can give away storage locks upon contract, moving boxes, and even first month rent for free. And having a large banner on your facility (if allowed) to promote it will help those who pass by to remember you.

5.    Keep in touch your customers: Your best assets are existing customers or those that used to be your customer. In addition to their business, they can also be a good referral to more business so staying in touch with them via mail, email, or social media, will help them remember you and will help your business grow.

Again, when it comes to promoting your business, you can be creative and follow some simple and affordable marketing tactics in order to grow your self storage business.