If you have progressed to the point that home health care is no longer the answer to your health problems, and you know that you now need to move to a retirement home, one of the major decisions confronting you is what to do about all your possessions that will not fit into your new surroundings. Starting over fresh and with far less clutter will be an invigorating feeling.How to Consolidate Your Things For Retirement

It is a difficult chore since most retirees have accumulated many more “things” than they actually need. Added to the necessities of life, there are the precious items that have been inherited from beloved family members that are treasures that you want to keep and continue to enjoy. Those should be able to be placed somewhere in your new home unless they are too large and cumbersome. If the latter, consider renting a storage unit where you can include those and other special collections.


When you decide what furniture, kitchen items, clothing, bed linens, knickknacks and such that cannot to a new home, you can donate them to a poor relative who will appreciate the help, to a deserving charity, to a poor family in the neighborhood, or even put them out at the curb with a “free” sign in front of them. Goodwill and other charities will give you the necessary paperwork.


If you prefer to sell certain items because they have value and you want to create a fund for your moving expenses, Craigslist and Freecycle are two online sources that will usually find bargain-hunting customers quickly. You can also advertise, sometimes free, in small local newspapers.


It can be overwhelming to tackle the job of choosing which possessions are going. One idea is to choose a specific area each time and set a timer for 30 minutes. Stop when the timer goes off and before you get burned out. This way you can approach each “elimination event” with a fresh perspective.


Put a large box or big trash bag near the front door. Put things in there that you want to dispose of and take it to its destination when it is full and can be replaced by a new box or bag. You will slowly but surely down size and will not have the “shock” of trying to eliminate too many items at one time.

Take a deep breath and slowly tackle this daunting chore, and you will be happy when you move.