How Storage Pods Work

A great new innovation has stepped into the world of the moving and storage industry. Storage pods are small boxes that can fit on a truck and be moved to a storage facility. Seeking to compete directly with ground storage facilities, moving companies came up with this great idea, and it works.

If you have some things that you need stored either temporarily or for a longer period of time, the first thing you need to do is call the different companies that have storage pods available. There are some questions that you will need to ask each company when you speak to them. What sizes are your storage pods? Is there a charge for delivery and pickup of the unit? How much is the monthly rental amount? Where will the pod be stored at your facility? Will they be in a climate controlled environment? How long does it take to arrange pickup and delivery?

Once you have called all the companies on your list, and they have answered your questions, you can arrange to have the company deliver your storage pod. Most companies will deliver the unit within 24 hours of your call. The pod will have a door that opens at ground level. This will eliminate the need for you to climb a high ramp with your moving boxes.

Now, load the container at your convenience. Depending on your local ordinances, a storage pod can stay in your driveway for up to 30 days before it has to be removed. Once you are done loading the pod,contact the storage company to have them come pick up your box.

Once you are ready for your stuff to be returned, you simply call the storage company and schedule them to come out and deliver your pod to your property. Once your boxes delivered, you can again unload at your leisure if you’re city ordinances allow that option.

Why would you choose to use a small storage pod over a more traditional ground-based storage unit? The answer that most people give to this question is convenience. If you use a traditional rental unit, you have to load the items into a truck, transport them yourself to the storage facility, and then go through the difficult process of unloading and stacking. Since most people have to rent a truck to move things, they have to load their things and move them all within one day in order to return the truck on time. Using a storage pod eliminates the hazards involved in loading a big truck and the problem with one-day deadlines.

Storage pods definitely offer people much more convenience than traditional storage units. The storage company will deliver the unit to your home and pick it up at your leisure. When you are ready for your stuff to be returned, they will deliver the unit back to your home at your convenience. When you add in the fact that these units cost less than the traditional storage unit, it really can be the best option for you.

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