PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage and is essentially a combination of a moving truck and storage unit. It is an extremely convenient and cost-effective method of moving and storing personal goods and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the millions of Americans who move home each year. Only you have a key to the POD unit so no one else can interfere with your goods and it alleviates any physical difficulties commonly faced by families moving their possessions.

PODS promises to allow you to move your goods at your own pace and standards. There are four different options:

  • Local moving
  • Local moving & storage
  • Long distance moving
  • Long distance moving & storage

Size of Containers
This involves PODS delivering an empty container to an address you provide. You fill the container and call the company when you want it moved. PODS send a driver and he delivers it to any address you request in mainland USA. Alternatively, you can store your possessions at one of the company’s securely guarded Storage Containers. There are 3 specific sizes of container available to customers (sizes in feet):

  • 7 x 7 x 8: This is estimated to hold the contents of a single room
  • 12 x 8 x 8: PODS claim that this container holds the contents of two rooms or a 1,200 square foot home.
  • 16 x 8 x 8: This huge container can fit goods from 3-4 rooms or a 1,600 square foot home.

It should be noted that the 12 x 8 x 8 option is not available for families interested in long distance moving.

This is the patented moving system of PODS. It is a detached delivery system that allows containers to be placed in areas that are typically difficult to reach. With regular moving trucks, goods are often damaged as the driver tries to maneuver the truck into position. The container is kept level throughout the process with Podzilla mounted on to local delivery trucks and driven by expert drivers.

This depends on your needs but there is a $195 delivery charge for long distance orders that is non-refundable. According to customer reviews, the 12 x 8 x 8 truck will cost you around $230 including tax for a local move. There are no monthly prorated charges which mean PODS does not charge you for days where the container is unused. Packing supplies, locks and a special content protection program are all available for extra cost.

PODS offers great value for money and a level of convenience that is hard to beat and unmatched by typical moving companies. Although the company has only been in existence since 1998, it seems to have cornered the storage and moving combination market as few of its direct rivals seem to have any impact. As well as having the ability to move at your leisure, you also have the option to store your goods in a secure storage facility where you can have access within 24 hours of contacting the company. Whether you are a business or individual looking to move home or just store goods, PODS has what you need with large, solid containers keeping your goods safe and sound.

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