Storage is a vital part of moving and the rest of our lives as is evident the moment you step in someone’s home. Storage space is something people have been implementing for millennia but today we have many more options when it comes to maximizing the storage capacity of a given home or storage unit. In this article we will talk about how you can do exactly that with minimum effort while keeping things practical and real. We begin with the following:

1.    Maximizing
There is plenty of space in a new home that most people simply ignore either because they don’t know about them or because they don’t even consider using the space. We’re talking about the space underneath enclosed staircases as it offers a wonderful opportunity to store items in an out-of-the-way spot which is still within easy reach. If you have the chance you can ask a carpenter to build you a special, wedge-shaped container on wooden or plastic wheels. Combine this with ready-made shelves in strategic locations around your home and you’ll have a much easier time keeping everything out of the way. Make sure the brackets are strong and well-placed to avoid problems with heavy objects. You can line up the walls of a wide corridor with shallow cabinets or shelves for small objects to avoid clutter. Another tactic you can use is hiding some boxes or similar objects behind a decorative folding screen in the corner of a room.

2.    Bathroom Storage
If you’re not lucky enough to have closet space in your bathroom then you can do something else instead – hang a wicker or wire basket on the wall for storing soap, bath toys, towels and the like. Putting up additional shelving space around the bathroom can also help increase your storage space as are hooks on the inside of your bathroom door.

3.    Bedroom Storage
The bedroom is probably the one room in your entire home which will contain the majority of your clothes to begin with. You can add a headboard storage unit which will allow you to store your books and extra linens and blankets to the sides depending on its construction. There is also plenty of storage space under your bed so you can easily utilize that by using roll-out bins to store additional items. Collapsible ottomans can also be used for a variety of purposes and they don’t take up much space.

4.    Kitchen Storage
Another important space around our home is the kitchen and nothing can make things better than having an organized kitchen. Chaos in a location like that can be annoying when we need to find the right spices and ingredients to get everything ready. When you’re building a new kitchen consider using simple, common sense solutions to organization here. Dinnerware and cutlery should be stored near the dishwasher if you have one or close to the sink to avoid unnecessary movement. Using the walls to hang up knives, placemats or cutting boards will help you keep things neatly organized and effective.

5.    Laundry Room Storage
Adding shelves to the walls in the laundry room will allow you to store the laundry in different plastic bins. Having a different color for every member of the family will help keep things so everyone can find their clothes once a washing cycle is over. You can keep another one for cast-off clothes in need of repairs or meant for donation to your local thrift store.

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