Every boat owner is proud of his boat and wants to show her off. By taking care of your boat, especially during the off-season, you can make sure it is ready to get back on the water when Spring comes around. Here are four easy ways you can keep your boat in shape all year round.


1. Store It Properly


Finding the proper storage for your boat is absolutely essential to keeping it in shape. Indoor storage can protect it from cold weather, rain, wind, and moisture damage. If you are looking for a good self storage company Santa Rosa has plenty of options that can make sure your boat is well taken care of. Look into storage companies that offer maintenance and cleaning options as well. This will ensure your boat gets tended to even in the winter.


2. Inspect It Before Storage


Small problems can become big problems if you leave them alone, so before you put your boat away for the off-season, do a thorough inspection. Look for scratches, dents, or small holes, all of which may grow if left to themselves. Get these things repaired before you put it away. Don’t forget to check safety equipment, fluid levels, and fuel lines as well. If your boat is working before you put it into storage, you won’t have to worry about unexpected breaks afterward.


3. Listen For Abnormal Sounds


One way to catch problems before they get bigger is to keep an eye out for them all throughout boat season. If the engine is having problems, chances are you’ll hear it before you see it or experience it. Does it sound different than usual? Are you hearing no sound at all, even though everything looks fine? These are symptoms of a bigger issue.


4. Take Care Of Your Boat Cover


Keeping the exterior and interior of your body dry is one of the most important things you can do to keep it in shape. Do regular checks to make sure the cover is still repelling water. Wash your cover at least twice a year to keep it clean. You should also clean the upholstery a few times a year as well. All of these will help keep your boat from collecting water and forming mildew.


Being a boat owner is about giving your boat enough tender, loving care to keep it in working order, even when it’s not on the water. Tackling these four simple maintenance tips can keep your boat in good shape.