Five Home Repairs That Will Lower Your BillsYour home is your biggest investment. It is always one of your greatest expenses. Keeping your home environment comfortable and in good condition can use a considerable amount of your disposable income each year. A few home repairs can help to lower your bills throughout the year.


HVAC Maintenance

Change the filter monthly on your HVAC system and ensure that you get regular tune-ups to ensure the system is working properly. This can save you money both in cold weather and in hot weather. For air conditioning repair Marietta residents can contact us to ensure that their system is functioning at optimum levels.



Warm air can escape through small cracks around windows and doors and add to your heating bills each month. In summer, your air-conditioning system must work harder to keep up with the hot air that seeps into your home through these cracks. If you spend a weekend caulking these gaps, you can save hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year. A variety of different types of caulking material are available.


Attic Insulation

Take a peek into your attic to determine if you have sufficient insulation for your climate. Adding more insulation can help to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer while saving you money on energy bills. Find out the recommended amount of insulation for your region of the country to make your home more energy efficient and to save you money.


Plumbing Leaks

That tiny leak of water from the faucet or toilet can add up to significant amounts of lost water and unpleasant surprise when the water bill arrives. Repairing a faucet leak is not that difficult with a few tools and a bit of knowledge. The constantly running toilet is another way that you can lose money on home expenses. Changing the float, seal and chain mechanism in your toilet is easy to do and can save you money on your monthly water bill.


Digital Thermostat

Change out your standard heating and cooling thermostat with a digital model. You can then program different temperatures for different times of day and save a considerable amount on your heating and cooling costs. For instance, you can lower the heat during the hours while you are at work, and program the thermostat to raise the temperature just prior to your arrival home. A digital thermostat can make for a more comfortable environment, as well as lower energy costs.