Finding a Good Self Storage Company

Finding a good self-storage company can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. After all, while there are plenty of storage companies, many of them seem to be less than reputable, with odd fees and policies, a dark or inaccessible facility or a lack of information about the services they provide. This is why you should let the experts at Easy Storage Search help you find exactly what you need for storage.

U.S. Directory
If you have spent time searching through websites or local advertisements to try to find a local self-storage facility, you know that there may be many or few nearby but finding a reputable company is not always an easy task. Instead, use our U.S. storage directory to find self-storage units located nearby, including an interactive map. Once you have located nearby facilities, click on the icon to get more information about that company. It almost could not be easier.

Storage Unit Sizes
If you need a specific unit size, use the easy search function on to find specific unit sizes, sorted by either price or distance. Enter in your zip code, choose between 5×5, 5×10, 5×15, 10×10, 10×15, 10×20 or 10×30 unit sizes, select a search for price or distance and click on “Find Storage”. Voila, a list of nearby storage facilities sorted according to your needs.

Car, Boat or RV Storage
Of course, not everything that you need to store fits easily into a box. If you need to store a vehicle or boat, the search for a quality storage facility can become even more complicated. However, the EasyStorageSearch website has a search specifically formulated to find the right storage company for your needs.

Portable Storage Units
One of the biggest trends in self-storage is the use of portable storage units, often called PODS. The company brings one or more large empty storage containers to your home or business. You then fill the container yourself and call the company back when you are finished. The company either stores the container at their facility or moves the container to your new address for you. Again, while finding a good portable storage company can be difficult, we have made it easy. Try the EasyStorageSearch reviews of different portable storage container companies and general rates.

Moving Assistance
One of the primary reasons many people need a self-storage facility is because they are moving. Moving brings with it many other challenges and needs, such as obtaining moving boxes, renting a moving truck or hiring a reputable moving company. Again, these tasks can take a lot of searching. Let us save you the time with the EasyStorageSearch information on moving companies, moving boxes and moving truck rentals.

Other Services
You can find a variety of other services and links on, such as help for move-out cleaning, self-storage insurance or reviews, real estate assistance or articles on how to switch your utilities and how to pack your own items if you are doing self-storage.

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  1. Storage containers are great for so many different things! They’re great when you move and have to stay in a temporary place.

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