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Even college students often have too much stuff and when this happens, there is a big need for college self storage. Finding college self storage is no different from finding regular self storage for the rest of the population, except that college students may not know where to turn.

Nonetheless, college students can have quite a bit of stuff and it is important that they be able to offload their stuff before they go to school so they can focus on learning and not where to store their stuff. If you are a college student and you find that you have too much stuff, here are your college self storage options:

1.    Leave it at Home: A lot of college students will leave their belongings at their parent’s home. This makes it easy for them to transition to the next stage of their academic lives, but this is not always a viable solution. Many times, parents either want to use the student’s old room for something or they want to downsize altogether. So, your parents may or may not be the perfect solution to your college self storage needs.
2.    Store where You Stay: You can also try to store all of your stuff where you are going to stay once you get to college, but this has limitations. More than likely you will be sharing wherever you live with a roommate and they may not want your place all cluttered up with your stuff. Add to that the fact that you may live in a dorm for your first bit of college life where storage space is nil.
3.    Get a Personal Storage Unit: Probably one of the easiest and most logical moves you can make in regards to your college self storage is getting your own personal self storage unit. This unit can either be one that is located near where you are from, or you can chose to obtain a self storage unit close by to where you will be attending school. Of course, if you choose a storage unit facility near campus, you still have the dilemma of getting all of your stuff to that storage unit, especially if your college is far away.
4.    Get a Portable Storage Unit: If your college is far away and you want your stuff close by you then you may want to consider portable storage where your stuff can be moved and stored in several different locations by the storage unit company itself. All you then have to do is load up the portable storage container and have it hauled off to the closest facility near where you will be attending school.

Just keep in mind that whatever you end up using as your college self storage solution, there will be a price to pay. Either you will have to pay the price of your parents or your roommates complaining about your stuff or you will have to pay the monthly price for storing your stuff with a storage unit facility. The choice that is right for you is the one that you will feel the most comfortable with.

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  1. Katrina says:

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