Are wine storage racks the proper way to store wine? Good question. The amount of wine collectors has hit record highs. Many are collecting for the simple joy of it and for their love of drinking wine. Others are collecting wine as an investment with hopes of making some money when the wine has aged. But are these collectors storing their wine properly? True wine connoisseurs know exactly how to store their wine and how to utilize wine storage racks. Others may not realize the proper way to store it. Storing wine properly is necessary for the wine to reach its optimum flavor.

Whether you are storing wine for personal consumption or as an investment, not storing your wine properly can cause it to break down, mature too quickly and can cause damage to the bottle. Storing your wine in the right wine storage racks will help ensure your wine will taste the way it was meant to taste.

The type of wine storage rack you need depends on what you desire to do with your wine. If you simply want to display your wine or store it for your personal consumption, then wine storage racks are a great way to store wine. If you want to store your wine for years to properly age it, then you may want to consider not displaying your wine in a wine storage rack.

Wine storage racks come in many colors, designs, sizes and textures. You can get them in wood, metal and even glass. They can add a great touch of class to your décor. There are several options when it comes to wine storage racks. Before picking out your wine storage racks, decide where you are going to place them. If the wine rack is going to be displayed on your kitchen counter, you will want to find something practical that will match your kitchen décor. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find the right option for you and your wine collection.

Wine storage racks need to be sturdy to keep your wine bottles level and safe. If you are going with a free standing wine storage rack, you should secure it to a wall or the floor to prevent it from tipping over. If you are going with a model that hangs on the wall or suspends from your ceiling, make sure that they are securely anchored to a stud. No matter what the style and type properly securing your wine storage racks will help keep your wine collection safe from damage.

When choosing wine storage racks, make sure that the bottles will be lying down. This is necessary so that the wine touches the cork to keep it moist. If the bottle cork gets dried out, it will shrivel up and can break the seal on the bottle which will then spoil the wine. In order for your wine to mature properly, the bottle needs to be sealed. Storing your wine bottles on their sides will ensure the cork stays moist.

Once you have picked out your wine storage racks, you need to find the perfect location to store them. To properly store wine for aging, it should be stored in a dark location. In your home the basement may be the best option for that. Wine doesn’t take too well to bright light. Fluctuation in light can also damage the process of aging your wine. The temperature where you are storing your wine should be maintained at 55 degrees F to ensure it matures at the slow rate that is necessary for optimal taste. Temperature fluctuations can cause damage to the wine. The 55 degrees needs to be the consistent temperature. The humidity level should be around 70 percent. This will help prevent mold and mildew from growing that could damage the labels on the bottles.

Once you have settled on a location and your wine bottles are stored safely, don’t pick them up and down or disturb them. Wine should not be agitated. Keep your bottles in a location where they will not be knocked into or be exposed to vibration. Keep them in their wine rack until you are ready to consume them.

So whether you are storing just a few bottles or a few hundred bottles of wine, you need to take the time to locate the perfect wine storage racks to ensure that your wine is kept safe and sound while it is maturing properly.