Choosing a Self Storage Facility

If you’re looking for a self-storage facility, then there are a lot of factors to consider. It is important to remember that you want your stuff to be in the same condition as you left it when you come back for it. In this regard, we have compiled a number of things you should look into when choosing a self-storage facility:

•    There should be adequate security in place
Since you are basically entrusting your belongings to a third party, they must provide assurance that your things will be taken cared of. Choose a facility that offers 24/7 security especially if you are storing valuable items.

•    Ability to access the facility when you want to
Can you access your belongings when you want to? It is am important feature to look into because it helps you avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Also, you certainly want to have access to your own stuff whenever you want.

•    The self-storage units should be the right size
Depending on your needs, the storage units should be able to accommodate additional storage requirements. If you plan to reduce the amount of items on storage, then the unit should still be cost-effective.

•    Adequate features to store specific items
For instance, people who want to store valuable items should choose a facility with concealing walls. Check if the storage facility has your desired features before proceeding further.

•    Climate control feature
Climate control is important for upholstered items, paperwork, and business goods. You certainly don’t want important documents to be damaged when you come back for it. Damp environments can do untold damage to your belongings.

•    The units should be well-maintained, clean, and tidy
Professional self storage facilities should be clean and tidy. Disorganized facilities are a sign of bad management. It is usually associated with a host of other problems such as pests and dampness in the unit.

•    Pest control
Pests are a problem in almost every building. But with proper maintenance, this need not be a problem. Choose a self storage facility that implements proper pest control measures. Take note that your belongings will be in the facility for extended periods.

•    No hidden fees or charges in the contract
Read the contract carefully before signing anything to avoid nasty surprises. Although a lot of facilities are reliable, there are a few unscrupulous companies. Check if there are hidden charges in the small print because this can add a significant amount to your overall costs.

•    If you intend to store a significant amount of items, check if the self-storage facility has sufficient access for your chosen moving truck.
Most self storage facilities don’t have enough room to accommodate large vehicles. If you intend to use a large moving truck, ask the manager if it can go in. If not, this will entail additional time, expense, and manpower on your part.

By following the tips above, you increase your chances of finding a good self storage facility at the location of your choice.

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  1. Great post! The feedback we have received from customers over the years is that many self storage facilities they visited were not clean. We quickly realized that it’s not always what’s on the inside of a mini storage unit that matters, but the outside appearance is even more important. Chances are, if the grounds are kept tidy, then the business really truly cares about its customers.

  2. Learning about storage facilities will help storing property a better experience for all.

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