If you find yourself running out of room in your home, you’ve probably considered utilizing a self-storage facility. But how can you be sure which facility to use? Whether you’re looking for storage facilities in Edmonton or Calgary, there are some basic things you need when entrusting your belongings to someone else.

1. Trusted Company

It’s important to go with a trusted company for your storage needs. A company that has a good track record has proven that they know how to keep your things safe, and they will make safety a priority in the future. Ask about theft policies and insurance policies to make sure the facility you choose is well established and protected.

2. Manager on site at all hours

Obviously the most important thing you need in a storage facility is security. Having an on-site manager 24 hours a day is an important step towards safety. This way they can respond to issues immediately and deal with the problem quickly.

Managers that live on site or are there at all hours will make sure the facility stays safe for their own well being. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, an on-site manager will always be there to assist you; no need to hope they answer the phone or happen to be there that day.

3. Access when you need it

Second to security in importance is access. If your facility is only open during the day when you are at work, it will be difficult for you to get your things when you need them. The storage facility is there to serve you, so if they aren’t willing to accommodate your schedule, find a business that will.

4. Clean Storage Areas

A clean, well-lit storage facility means you know your things will be well taken care of. Any evidence of dirt or water damage might mean your things will get ruined during their storage. In addition to thieves, you also want your things to be protected from pests, like mice and roaches.

5. Individual Security

While any storage facility will protect the property, you also want to make sure they will ensure individual security for your unit. Having video surveillance inside and outside the building will enable them to keep track of who is accessing your unit. Moreover, facilities that allow you to use your own lock ensure you are the only one with access to your unit, no matter who rents the neighboring space.

6. Variety of unit sizes

Everyone has different storage size needs, so make sure your facility has a range of options to fit yours. You may also want to check the availability of sizes just larger than the one you rented, in case you discover you need more room than you anticipated. It’s also important they have a good number of popular sized units so you know you’ll get the one you want.

7. Good price

After you’ve picked a good facility, you’ll want to get a good deal. Security comes at a price, so don’t go too cheap, but your storage unit shouldn’t cost more than your house. A good contract will fit your needs, whether you need the storage for a short time or more long term.

When choosing a storage facility, it’s most important that you have peace of mind. You’ll rest easier at night if you feel confident in the safety of the facility you’ve chosen.

Nina Hiatt writes articles to help people find balance and beauty in their personal space through landscape and interior design. In her free time, Nina blogs about many of her interests, which include gardening, technology news, and baking. For more information about storage solutions, visit Yellowhead Storage.